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Attractions in KL using Go-KL Bus

This is a continuation of my Introduction to Go-KL Bus and also Guide to shopping Using Go-KL Bus. For this post, the route will be mostly following the BLUE stars using the RED line (route of Go-KL bus).
The grey stars are just some deviations for options in eating which are going to be explained further HERE, HERE and HERE.(coming soon)

Let's start! Regardless on where you are, get to the nearest Go-KL bus stop to start. In some places especially Bukit Bintang area, there are no official bus stops. Other stops are easily navigated. If you are starting in Pavillion, just remember to wait for the bus with the BLUE line signage before you hop on. This is because you will have to change bus at any of the points where RED and BLUE line buses meet. You have a few choices i.e. Medan Mara, Puteri Park, Chow Kit (Jalan Ipoh), Grand Season Hotel, Terminal Jalan Tun Razak, and HKL (Hospital KL) Jalan Pahang. Just switch your ride to RED line there.

Pasar Chow Kit will probably be your first stop. This is the largest wet market in KL. If you have never seen the local wet market, this would probably be an eye opener. However, do take into consideration that it most probably will be wet and hot so be prepared. Please be wary of pickpockets. This is essentially an Indonesian-monopolized area. The prices of goods are some of the cheapest for raw products and pre-loved items are available too. This is not really a must-see and not for the faint hearted. If you want to see locals and migrants Indonesians in action, drop by for a real insight. Otherwise, maybe something else along the route? :)

Coliseum is one of the oldest steak house in KL. I tried their branch in Mid Valley but if you are not up for the taxi ride or KTM ride there, this would probably be a good choice. Their steaks are good and plenty of western fares are available. More info at their website:

Two stops before Coliseum is the Pertama Kompleks. I did not highlight it in my map above. This is a good stop if you are an avid sportsman be it badminton enthusiasts, golf, even if you are planning to buy backpacks and camping gears. This used to be one of the first mall in KL but are now frequented only by locals looking for their sporting gear. Madam Sia's backpack store is a licensed Deuter distributor. According to some sites and recommendations by fellow blogger, she offers a fair price and usually has up to 30% discount for her product. Some of us got our safety boots and gears here too. They usually have a few branches within the same mall here.

1Sentral is a combination of shopping mall and the main hub for public transportation in KL (Sentral Station). Both Sentral Station and 1Sentral is interconnected so if you feel like going off somewhere else in KL, you can probably stop here and go on either the KTM or LRT to other places.

Next would be the National Museum (Muzium Negara). I would recommend this place for an interactive introduction to Malaysia's culture and history. Otherwise, you can stop at Masjid Negara (National Mosque) for some quick snaps. You can go inside but do note that proper attire is necessary and women have to cover their hair (head scarves available for loan at the counter) and certain areas are restricted to Muslims only. 

It is also your stop if you are heading to the KL Bird Park. According to a lot of websites even the KL Bird Park's official website, from Masjid Negara you can walk to the park. I have never tried walking but I would think walking seems a little tiring as it's about a kilometre away. A taxi would be easier. However, I am not sure whether there will be a short cut. @@?

Entrance Fees for Malaysians are: RM27 (Adults) and RM13 (Kids) and
Entrance Fees for foreigners are: RM50 (Adults) and RM41 (Kids)

I have been to the Bird Park and felt it is worth visiting even if just to check out the world's largest open aviary. I should just include here how intimidated I felt when a flock of the birds/pelicans were chasing me through the pathway to the toilet when they thought I have food in my hand. :X

Personally, I feel that the stop at Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka) is a must do. There are a few interesting buildings of historical values in the vicinity as well. Merdeka Square is significant in the sense that it was where the Union Jack's flag was lowered and the Malaysian flag was first raised on 31 August 1957. The original Kuala Lumpur railway station is just opposite the square and even though the official railway station is now at the Sentral Station, just the architecture of the building and its historical value are worth a few photos, don't you think so too? Other buildings of significance include the Sultan Abdul Samad building, Royal Selangor Club Complex, St Mary's Anglican Cathedral (Diocese of West Malaysia). Maybe a quick visit to the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery would be just nice to round up your trip.

Remember to change the bus to whichever line that you needed to get back to Pavillion or any other destinations :)

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