Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hong Kong Itinery Part 3 + Ocean Park Hong Kong, A Review

As this was one of my most looked-forward attractions, after Disneyland of course, we spent the whole day there. After waking up really early to make good time, we first stopped at this fancy looking HK-cafe for breakfast. We weren't really awake yet as you can see from my sleepy face below, nevertheless, most shops were already bustling with activities. Today was a respite from dimsum since for the past few days we were having dimsums nearly everyday... :S

I like the lights. Don't you?
Breakfast was pretty alright as far as these HK's asian with a western twist breakfasts came. I like my big meal set below better than the instant noodles with beef that the BF had. Hahaha!

As usual, a day wouldn't be complete without the HK's stocking milk tea. I have always wondered why they called them that way. I would assume it is because of the strainer they use look like a stocking?

Adorable cup!
With an even more adorable ME! :D
I really wanted to share the cafe and its name but think as I might, I couldn't recall it. And I think I forgot to take pictures of the shop's name. Sigh. Anyone?

And then it's on to Ocean Park! Yeahhhhh!!!! And I come prepared with leggings! LOL

As the Ocean Park is divided into two different locations  i.e. The Summit (Headland) and The Waterfront (Lowland), separated by the sea on top of two mountains, the cable car is one of method to go from one side to another. The funicular railway system is also available. I would advise planning your trip and your shows before going on the cable car mainly to save time and to make sure you enjoy all the shows they have, or at least the ones you really wanted to. Anyway, I feel that both rides warrant at least a try and I enjoyed both of them. Needless to say, the cable car ride offers one of the best view of the mountainous terrain of Hong Kong and one of its...lagoon? I do not have any photos of the funicular railway as it was really packed and I was too engrossed in the light shows inside. For the cable car, usually they allow one car per group so it's great!

When I was there, I was pretty torn because there were so many things to do and so little time. Planning the itinery needed quick decisions as we had to decide where to start our adventure. We very quickly decided The Summit is more our type of place, even though The Waterfront would probably be more family-friendly.
Oh! On a footnote, or maybe mid-note in this case, the mascots here are not as cute as the ones in Disneyland so I would probably go on to their attractions instead of queuing for photos. Unless you happened to chance upon a no-queue mascot. Heh!

The Summary of what you shouldn't miss is in BOLD. However these are actually up to individuals and for me, these are my preferences. And we managed to go on a few rides too! Hmm, thinking of them, if I recall correctly, we practically cover everything in the official Ocean Park pamphlets but if you are afraid you might not have enough time, give priorities to the ones you really like.

The feeding at Polar Adventure was really nice. We were early so we get to take photos around the auditorium and even choose really good seats!

And since we were right next to the North and South Pole area, we ticked that off our to-do list as well. Don't you just love penguins? Those adorable waddle and their cuddly sizes...not that I have cuddled any before...:P

The Ocean Wonders is probably the MAIN attraction of Ocean Park and should not be missed for anything!!! No visit is complete without watching this.

The quiet pool (right before the show)

He's off for rollercoaster ride
And I'm just off for snacks :P

The freshly made cuttlefish! Special right?

Some random shots
Small revolving tower for a view of the Ocean Park

As we walked around, we decided that the souvenirs are not worth getting as the prices were quite steep and quality + aesthetics were only alright. Disney's would be better. Then I found this cute area where they have all the sealions and seals. PHOTO TIME!!!

After a whole day of animals, rides and shows, we closed off with an amazing water + light shows (Symbio) right at the main entrance. Good day indeed!

And the entrance fee was about HKD 345 per pax and HKD 173, but I think it was money well spent as the amount of sights and things to do inside more than made up for the price.

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