Saturday, 5 September 2015

Curve Restaurant, Vibe Hotel Darwin - A Review

The reason we had our meal here at that time was because it was the nearest to the hotel (right underneath) and we had a huge group of people so that's easier for us to meet up. Sadly, the service was really slow even though the food was Okay. Six of us went down first and ordered. At first we thought our food would be there by the time the rest came down but disappointingly, even after the rest of the guys showed up more than 30minutes later, we were still waiting.

The only positive note was that for every two mains we ordered, we got a free bottle of wine. LOL. So we ended up with more wine than we know what to do about and since we were not a fan, we basically got one of each kind and tried sips from all of them. I did not take the photos of the rest of my group's food mainly because everyone was really hungry and I just took shots of mine. I had the salmon steak, chocolate milk shake and cheesecake of the day. One more note, the portion of the food was really really tiny and when our food arrived the guys were moaning their disappointment. LOL. We were hungry to start with and after waiting more than an hour, the small portion did nothing to appease our hunger.

Most of us did not bother ordering more and left for snacks in the room and some of us went to try out the other shops in town. I would say the food was just average but for the long wait, I would say don't bother. :S
Maybe it was just us but the restaurant wasn't full to start with so...:X

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