Friday, 4 September 2015

Busan Aquarium, Korea

In my honest opinion, attractions like these are just a heaven-sent especially if you have been in the outdoors for a while especially if it is during very hot summer days or even cold windy winter days. For this time around, instead of the heat, I escaped into the aquarium for much appreciated warmth. LOL. That, and also I'm pretty much a sucker for all things aquarium and zoo. You could probably ask me about zoos and aquariums and if I have been to that country, most probably I have already covered them. :S

Busan Aquarium was quite large and had "250 species and up to 35000 marine animals" inside (according to Wikipedia). If I remembered correctly, it had underwater tunnel, a big area for their penguins and lots of aquariums on display. There are a shallow interactive pool for touching the starfish and stuff too!

At certain time of the day, there are shark feeding and as you can see here there are lots of people getting ready for the show already.

Here's a shot of the underwater tunnel. Pretty cool, eh?

I especially like their pretty displays of seahorses, corals and all the tiny fishes. Some of them look so pretty that it is really hard to believe they are real. They look like they came straight out from something from a figment of our imagination!

And here's the interactive pool I mentioned above.

And on to the adorable penguins! There's this one fella who kept following my hands around and kept that up for a while before I walked off. So adorable, right?

Please ignore the flat hair. Too long with a beanie on resulted in the less than satisfactory look during photos. Urgh!

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