Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sydney Tower Buffet Restaurant - A Review

When we went to this 360-degree-revolving restaurant, it was during peak period, it's a weekend and also the day before Chinese New Year. We decided to do something special for reunion dinner so there we were, waiting for our turn despite being 15minutes early to make sure our booking was not cancelled. After waiting what seemed to be 30 minutes, we were told to wait for our names to be called. Another 10 minutes or 15 minutes wait later, I went to check on the status but was told they were still checking on reservations. *annoyed*

After nearly an hour, we were finally shown to our table, up a very fast lift (impressed) but the previous excitement over the wait had died down. The food was alright I guess and view was amazing but it's not a place I would go back to unlike the Melbourne Tram Restaurant (which I reviewed HERE). The price per head is not exactly cheap either. I spent about AUD85/pax for four of us including a bottle of wine went nearly towards AUD500. If converted to MYR, it is the most expensive meal I have ever had. LOL. No photos either that night. I don't remember why. But I remembered the rose wine we had was a lot cheaper when we bought them from their vineyard in Melbourne the previous year. Maybe because it was in a much better ambience but the price was about 4 times the price I bought them for before. LOL.

Only recommended if you have never been on a revolving restaurant before. Otherwise, maybe you can give this a miss. :X

In case you are still interested despite all that, here's the address:
Sydney Tower Dining, Reception Level 4, Sydney Westfield Centre, Between Pitt & Castlereagh Streets, Sydney

Phone: +61 2 8223 3800 

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