Monday, 21 September 2015

BlueWater River Cruises, Gold Coast - A Review

So if you have been following my last post, in our Day 1 in Gold Coast, after leaving our bags at Chancellor Hotel, we went to the BlueWater River Cruises, just about 400m away from our hotel. It's pretty convenient thanks to all the research my sister put into. Haha. I'm just a participant!

Off to our water cruise adventure!

We set off and the sun was already blazing by 10+am. @@ Slathering liberal amount of sunblock was my priority as we were walking even though it was supposed to be only a short walk. Haha. The cruise was supposed to depart at 10.45am and cake/ biscuit/ tea/ coffee were inclusive, hence we skipped breakfast as I mentioned in my last post HERE. The location of the pier/counter of the cruise was behind Moorings apartment (we used the Tiki statue as our guide! and turn right from there). You won't miss the's pretty obvious.

When we arrived, we had to look around to find our correct counter.

We even thought it was this one! Yeah but it was the only one there even though we knew ours was a different name.

Looking happy with her coffee~

The cruise took about 1.5 hours and it gave quite a thorough introduction on the city and the houses along the river; plus or minus a few other local landmarks. However, it does get boring after a while and we entertained ourselves with lots of selfies and random shots of birds etc.

Some of the gorgeous homes we saw

At first sitting outside sounded good with the wind and getting the first-hand view, but we changed our minds after a while as the sun was really, really burning our skin despite the thick sunblock. :S

Therefore, we settled for more photos inside! Heh!

I would probably suggest this for anyone who wanted to know more about the history of Gold Coast, see their affluent citizen flaunt their wealth with tens of thousands worth of palm trees and multi million dollars home. :)

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