Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hong Kong Itinery Part 2

Second day in Hong Kong has definitely got to start with Dimsum. We went to Tim Ho Wan for our fix and I won't elaborate here aside from sharing that it was really good and satisfying as I have already posted about it at Dimsum Galore - HongKong

Like usual, our day was already planned to the hilt. The summary can be perused below:

Our itinery is definitely not for the faint-hearted nor those without legs of steel. LOL. Do note that our Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Avenue of Stars was covered in our Day 1 as we were finished early with Temple Street Night Market but if you want to do it following this itinery here, feel free. We covered the Clock Tower again on our way to the Museum of Arts but all these (Clock Tower, Museum of Arts, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Avenue of Stars are interchangeable as they are basically at the same location).

As we were staying at the Empire Hotel near Tin Hau Station, we were always passing by the Admiralty Station. So...we took selfies and more photos of yours truly while waiting for the train each time (at least until we got tired of it).

Our trip to the museum was fun and took nearly 3-4 hours even though we had so many floors to cover. Not to mention plenty of pretty landmarks and statues etc to take photo with along the way. Haha, I will separate my review about the HK Museum of Arts separately as even without all the attractions, this post will definitely be long enough about the food we had along the way.

Even with the heavy breakfast at Tim Ho Wan, after the walk around the museum, apparently it's enough to digest all of it already according to the BF. We stumbled upon this unassuming little shop on our way to the Ladies Market for more shopping. As it was around 3-4pm, there were not much people around and the lunch hour crowd + businesses has more or less closed for some breaks before the dinner sessions. Luckily for us, the food here is pretty amazing. I was not really hungry but since we were there, I ordered too! LOL. No wonder I get to this size! Grr! Discipline, girl...discipline!

Curry pork chop rice
Milk tea and iced lemon~
Pork chop rice
Loving the prawn & pork wantans
Freshly made wantans~!
Veggies for him
Makan time!

And then it's off for shopping session! We were at the Ladies Market for quite a while before we felt really tired and stopped at a small coffee shop at one of the alley for some drinks and to rest our sore feet. The tea was pretty good but I didn't try their peanut butter toast. According to the boyfriend, it was nyum! Haha.My French Toast was alright but a little on the heavy side. Service here was pretty standard HK-style but since the BF decided to be friendly and talked to the waiter/captain, things got better quickly. Hehe!

Old-school setup

The kitchen
French toast with a sinful amount of butter @@
Peanut butter toast
We basically walked the whole area nearby Ladies Market as well and by then time we trudged on back to the hotel, we were beat! As I was going on and on about never trying any new dessert shop, we stopped at this dessert place nearby the hotel and then to another place for some noodles for supper before really calling it a night.

Nearby Tin Hau Station
Uh, not sure what was this already but not memorable=not nice?
My usual pose at the dinner table~ LOL
My long-awaited strawberry souffle! Not impressive though...
Since we did my dessert fix, time for his fave wantan mee! It's called sai yung here? I think...
Anyway again we couldn't read the menu and simply order. However, the portion leaves a lot to be desired. Haha! I had the porridge which was pretty good but small. I thought it was okay for supper but BF left the place really hungry still... :S

Check out the disappointed face!
My Nyummik porky slice and peanuts porridge!
Needless to say, both shops did not warrant another visit from us even though the porridge was pretty good. Hahah.

Do check out my Itinery for Day 1 in Hong Kong.

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