Sunday, 6 September 2015

What to Do in Darwin, Australia?

As you probably knew, I was in Darwin staying at Vibe Hotel because I mentioned it HERE and the food THERE. If you didn't and wanted to check out what I felt about the hotel, feel free to click the above link. Anyway, as we did not have any plans and were on standby, for the first day we did not bother going too far i.e. some wildlife parks a little out of the town area. The view outside the hotel was amazing. Blue skies and blue seas, right smack in the middle of the waterfront.

There are actually walkways or a path next to the hotel, leading to an overhead bridge thingie over the road towards the town.

The walkway around the hotel
The view from the walkway :)
Since the hotel provided little to none internet services, we made our trek to town for free wifi. When I was there, we found three spots for free hourly wifi in town.
(1) The Public Library
(2) Centre of the Town (In the square)
(3) The Main Bus stop (In front of the library)

The wifi is valid for an hour at each spot, so you roughly get about 3 hours worth of free internet and it will be reset every 6-12 hours. :)

Darwin is really a quiet town with lots of pubs/bars so in the day you won't see much people around, even more so if it's a weekend.

There are a few landmarks you can probably take photos at like what I did here. The town has a lot of Aborigines Arts Shop as well as the usual souvenirs shops. Do note that souvenirs are slightly more marked up than in say, Melbourne's Victoria Market and even the usual souvenirs' shop in Gold Coast. Maybe they have less tourists here so the demands are not that high to start with?

This is the remains of the old Palmerston Town Hall which was destroyed during Cyclone Tracy (I Googled)
This is the town (You will see two rows of shops here) The internet I mentioned can be detected here ;)
Another must! The plaque about the bombing of Darwin

 In town, there are a few places we can visit like the small aquarium in town where a gigantic saltwater croc was featured as the main attraction. We did not go in at that time, but you can actually see the croc from their souvenirs shop. It's called Crocosaurus Cove in case you are interested. Check their website HERE

We were quite free and since the town are covered and we still had time on our hands, we walked through the other side of the hotel leading out to this beautiful wharf/waterfront park. There are trails around with lots of Aborigines hanging out at the park steps etc.

I think they have outdoor cinema during weekdays evening etc as evidenced by these.

Then along the trail, there are interesting plaques such as these...

And then we made one round back to our hotel...

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