Saturday, 5 September 2015

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder has been a timeless adage. People around us are always telling us that one day, we will find someone who see us as we should be seen. Beautiful, no matter what everybody else think or say. However, how many people usually dismissed a plain looking person or a bigger size person because they do not conform to the "standard" as most perceived as beauty from magazines, TV and now, social media. There are always higher and higher bars set that normal people like us failed to measure up. Flawless porcelain skin, long straight never-fizzy hair and thin bodies with gravity-defying assets? Come on, the perfect woman couldn't possibly exist and in such huge numbers without any meddling by the scientific touch or human hands. Granted, genes played a part as well as care and cash but what will the normal woman do to reach the society's standard of being a beauty? If you think about it, this standard that society set for women is not only unfair, it demeans the true value of a woman. As a result, nobody actually bothered getting to know us to realise our beauty is not only on our physical attributes but in our character.

Anyway, I would like to point out that all of us are beautiful. Beauty should not be conformed to only how similarly we compare to the standards in magazines, but who we are inside. Yes, we might be a few sizes bigger than what is deemed thin and you might doubt yourself every time some unwanted remarks came along about how you shouldn't be eating this and that (like yours truly faced often enough), but we should be confident enough to brush it off. Yes, provided you have a clean bill of health from your medical. So we wouldn't fit into a certain size of dress, but even if we tried our best, some of us are just not meant to be a size TINY. We have a bigger bone structure and all the dieting and exercise in the would probably will help us shed a few pounds here and there but we will never be as small as say, some really petite sized Asian woman. I do get hurt once in a while when some remarks were made about my size and my self-confidence plummeted. I am still bigger than most pretty, slim Chinese girls around but acceptance and resignation that the most extreme of exercises could probably help me cut a few pounds but not to their size has made me a happier girl. That, and I have my sister and boyfriend who are the best cheerleaders in the whole wide world! That said, I am still not happy with my current size and is always trying to lose weight especially with age when metabolism slows and fats around my tummy and hips are even more stubborn than me. LOL

I think a confident woman makes a beautiful woman, just for the simple fact that you stand taller, you walk straighter (better body posture) and you make eye contact and smile to people around you. The simple act of doing that makes people notice you as your own person and let's face it, everyone looks better when they smile. Psychologically, when you smile to people, most will smile back and that makes you feel good. A happier person will probably suffer less problems with their complexion. I Googled and apparently that is proven :D

Character-wise, I think beauty can be determined from that but how many of us actually spend time getting to know someone without the bias in their looks? -.-

PS: Anyone ever wonder why guys rarely get looks if they go for seconds and girls get commented upon? *just saying*

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