Monday, 21 September 2015

Kyo Chon, Korean Fried Chicken - A Review

I have always been partial to fried chicken and KyoChon is no exception. This franchise has been sprouting up like mushrooms around the whole KL in the last two years. They even made eating fried chicken sounds healthier as they claimed no MSG and additives etc in their ads! Haha. Our conscience feel better already right?

Honey Drumsticks and Original Soy Drumsticks cost about RM 21.90/4 pcs and  RM19.80/4 pcs respectively. I prefer the Original Soy Drumsticks but Honey ones are good too. I am not a fan of their drinks though. They used some of the Korean tea (the type in jars you can find either in specialty stores or in various supermarkets) with soda and to me, that just detracts from the original taste which is more soothing on their own. The white pickle was left alone each time I went for meals at KyoChon. The rice set as featured in my photo below was not really my taste but I guess their main star IS their fried chicken after all, so for those, no complaints at all.
Honey Drumsticks & Original Soy Drumsticks

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