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Shopping in KL using Go-KL Bus

This post is all about shopping in KL using the Go-KL buses (free!) and also some walking in between. I will try to include some attractions which are along the way so feel free to interchange the plans according to your own itinery. Do note that I will start from KLCC. You can start from other points depending on where you are staying.

For this post, please look at all the yellow/golden colored stars and arrows only. I will explain the rest in different posts later.

KLCC is an iconic landmark in KL, mainly because it is the third tallest building in the world. I would suggest taking some photos of it from outside at the 50-acres garden. Depending on the time you were there, you might catch some water shows at around noon and in the evening. Some shopping could be done in the Suria KLCC if you like branded fashionwear. They have some typical brands at the basement level and 2nd level above. I would suggest giving them a miss since you are probably going to go shopping in the other malls as highlighted by the "yellow stars".

However, since you are at KLCC, if you like aquarium, do head to the Aquaria KLCC. Make your way to the basement of KLCC walk towards the underground tunnel to KL Convention Centre. It is a 10-15 minutes walk depending on your speed. If aquarium is not your thing, maybe you can check out the Petrosains Museum on the 4th level of Suria KLCC. I think it is worth a visit especially if you have kids (even if without any). There are a lot of interactive activities. The downside would be this would take you a minimum of 4-5 hours to finish and please have a meal before going in. If you like art, maybe a quick trip up the 3rd floor to Petronas Art Gallery is more your thing. I like this place as they changed their exhibition every few weeks. Admission for the art gallery is also free. You can also go on the bridge(Skybridge) in between the KLCC Twin Towers for the birds' eyes view of the city. However, this would means getting there really early to purchase the tickets. Philharmonic Orchestra is also available here at the first floor of Suria KLCC near the main door. I would suggest purchasing tickets early on if orchestra is your thing. The bus stop for the free GO-KL bus is right outside the main door from the Philharmonic Orchestra's ticket purchasing booth.

The summary of what you can do at KLCC is probably as shown below:

From KLCC bus stop, take the Go-KL bus to Pavillion. Get on the first bus in the queue or the one that is almost full. Once you see Wisma Genting on your left, get ready to disembark at the upcoming stop. GO UP the overhead bridge right next to the bus stop, keep right and you will reach Pavillion. Of course if you do NOT want to use the Go-KL bus, you can always walk using the underground tunnel from KLCC to KL Convention Centre/Aquaria (remember I mentioned it above?) and from there walk the bridge/pathway to Pavillion. There will be signage and security guards along the way. So it's relatively easy to make your way by walking about 15-30 minutes (depending on your speed). For me, it is more preferable to use the bus especially since it's free.

When you reach the Pavillion bus stop, there are a few options available. If you are there on weekdays and are inclined to cheap eats, I will recommend these. Click HERE, HERE and HERE for details. (Coming soon)

If you are here on any days including weekends and feel like having some really good dimsum (not halal), please refer HERE (coming soon).

If you would prefer a more convenient choice, please proceed with the following:

1) Go shop in Pavillion. Note that there will be plenty of choices for food here. I personally like Grandmama's (Nyonya-ish food), Italianies (good, affordable Italian), Din Tai Fung and Dragon-I (Xiao Long Bao), Kyo Chon (Korean chicken), and many more are available. If you are not hungry yet, please go to next item after shopping.

2) Walk to the main door of Pavillion. You can see Sephora and Uniqlo plus a water feature there. You can't miss it. If you are unsure, refer below.

3) Check out LOT10, Fahrenheit, etc all lined up in front. If you are hungry at this point, just go to the LOT10 Food Court at the basement. They have quite nice Char Kueh Tiaw with duck eggs (flat white noodles flash-fried with cockles, bean sprouts, eggs, prawns and spring onions), amongst lots of other choices. The prices here might be slightly higher for food court food but again, your choice.

4) Move on to the next malls: BB Plaza and Sungai Wang Plaza. These two are interconnected and here is probably where you will find cheap fashion. Again, sizes for these cheap clothings are for the petite. If you are bigger boned, maybe a more thorough comb of all the shops here will yield you something. Otherwise, you would probably have better luck in bigger fashion houses like Nichii, Kitschen, Forever21, H&M, and so on. BB Plaza and Sungai Wang Plaza can be accessed from the FIRST FLOOR of H&M (LOT10) as you are walking downwards. Just go up the H&M, into ISETAN then find the exit towards the monorail station. Go straight and you will see the monorail station on your right. Take left instead and you will see a dodgy looking door which will lead you inside Sungai Wang Plaza.

5) From Sungai Wang Plaza and BB Plaza, if you are a gadget enthusiasts, go towards Giants hypermarket, exit from the emergency doors, this will take you to the main road. Low Yat is just across the street. Here you will find all the latest gadgets and computers or any spare parts for a reasonable price (bargaining can be done). Here my fave haunt is probably the ALL IT HYPERMARKET and one more hypermarket upstairs. They both have quite competitive prices for hard disks and speakers. Then for eats, I would recommend the KopiClub coffeeshop in the basement. They also have a branch in Sungai Wang Plaza but somehow I prefer the Lowyat's. My faves there include the Hainanese Chicken Chop, Nasi Ayam Berempah, their excellent toasts (kaya toasts), tea and coffee.

6) By here, you would probably be pretty tired if you went to all the malls. However, if you are still up for more, try Berjaya Times Square Mall (just opposite Low Yat) for cheap clothings like Sungai Wang Plaza. They have an indoor amusement park as well so...knock yourselves out.

If by any chance you are NOT an avid shopper, just skip some of the malls and refer to (2)
Go towards your left. You will see a ROLEX and Louis Vuitton shop. Just wait at the curb for the GO-KL bus. There will NOT be an official bus stop. You will probably see a group of locals waiting for the bus and some bewildered tourists nearby. Have no fear. You are at the CORRECT place. :)

Use the PURPLE LINE Go-KL Bus to Pasar Seni. The color of your Go-KL bus is important at this point because all the three color bus will converge in the Bukit Bintang area. As all the buses are PINK, look for the color of their "line" or routes at the front of their buses. Ask the bus driver to let you know when you reached. In case the bus is full, just look out for the stop where it is as if it is a main bus terminal, then check with the driver before going down. You will have to walk a little to reach Pasar Seni.

Why Pasar Seni? This is one of the best places for you to get souvenirs back to wherever you came from. It is also known as Central Market. From pewter ornaments, to usual T shirts, they have it all here. Most shopkeepers would not hassle you while you browse and the environment is much comfyer than Petaling Street and other Night Markets as they have air conditioning here. Furthermore, they have a lot of interesting collectors' items like stamps, cards, old bottles from the 60s or 70s, etc. Even for a local, this could be an interesting visit.

You can probably see some interesting stalls outside Central Market (Pasar Seni) where you can take photos with parrots and even buy skewers of grilled chicken/beef/mutton (satay).

Please try out the Nyonya dishes from Precious Old China in Central Market. They are really good and value for money in my opinion. Service was prompt and friendly staff all around. The decorations are not really what I am used to but food-wise they were EXCELLENT. My personal faves are the coconut prawns, assam fish, cencalok omelette and many many more.

If you still feel Central Market is not enough, you can check out Petaling Street a short walk away from it. Just go around the bus station where you got off previously and start walking outwards. I do not really like Petaling Street unless you are planning to go really early in the morning for their hawker stalls but that is another story altogether and probably couldn't fit in this lengthy post.

From Petaling Street, if you do go, just walk towards Kotaraya (an old building somewhere off Petaling Street's main door) and you can hop on the Go-KL bus from there.

My next proposed stop would be KL Tower for either a quick photo to say you've been there or you can also go up their revolving restaurant for a different dining experience.Do note that the current PURPLE line bus you are using will only stop at Pavillion. There, disembark and take the GREEN line to go back to KLCC.

If you noticed, I have put up *optional* for the last two attractions. In my opinion, those two can be given a miss especially if you are lacking of time but that's just me. Haha.

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