Sunday, 28 June 2009

Divine Crust Miri

Since cafes like this has been sprouting all over Miri, decided to give it a go despite my dad telling me the food thr is not that nice...*regretful face*
My friend ordered this chicken cheese baked you can prolly see, the cheese is barely there so...*blerk* no more comment should be necessary I the chicken is a lil...dryyy
My choconana (chocolate ice cream + banana)...hehe...pretty okay can't possibly go wrong with these two mix right?
A big no-no...the tiramisu cheesecake (more like tiramisu sponge cake)...actually i don't mind tiramisu using sponge cake as the base but they put out the display card as "tiramisu CHEESECAKE" and instead I got a pretty average sponge cake with some cream slather over it...

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