Wednesday, 24 February 2010

my sickly car=CURED! finally waiting for the mechanic to come n change my car battery..hopefully he's going to take care of my problem once n for all..den maybe i can even drop by the centre for some aerobics session tonight...*grins* guess my day wasn't that bad after all..even with d lil episode with my supervisor..hahahah..he kept using my water bottle as an example in his explanations on the receiver n master my poor bottle suffered through a sequence of tap-dancing on the table..blerkk

======2 hours later======(yeah..i was typing halfway when the mechanic arrived)

guess what? nothing's wrong with my car...just the wire got loose n dats y it couldn't*embarassed* according to the mechanic...someone loosen it on purpose...(flashback)...grr..must be that dodgy workshop guy i sent my car to...which explains why my car owes seemed to have probs starting up at times...grrr...ah well, i find this new workshop really really nice...instead of letting me replace everything..the mechanic told me not to replace any...LOL...even when i ask should he check this n that for me, he says nvm cause they are fine(wow..not even bothering to earn those extra money)..hahahha...he's very kind and even double-checked everything for me..FOC! yayyyy...all i had to pay was for the labour charges since he came all the way to my hostel n back with the new battery and there's even a 20percent discount on those

so if anyone's looking for a workshop..i would STRONGLY recommend them:
No 40 & 42, Jalan Pulai 25,
Taman Pulai Utama, 81100 Johor Bahru.
ps: i think the nice mechanic's name is Kumar..

and since my car isn't sick anymore, i'll be going for my aerobics class later tonite! yippie!

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