Tuesday, 23 February 2010

holiday holiday!

i really really feels like just taking some time off n going for a vacation...i have been planning to do just dat ever since a few years back bt there never seems to be any time...i mean, i noe time can be organized n plan but sumtimes, it's hard to coordinate our time with a fren...or even my own sis..sigh..it's like everytime i'm free, she's busy or vice-versa..grrr...

let's see...there's a few places i really feel like going...just a quick check off my head..
1) hongkong...wanna go to the disneyland..then shop around n eat! maybe a quick stop at macau or sumthink?hmm..need to do more research on this..
2) aussie...well, was gonna go for real hopefully this coming hols..sigh..bt sis would wanna go too but she has to do her internship..grrr...maybe apply for leave?LOL
3) jappy...maybe just to get my mini salamis? haha..
4) taiwan...oh god..my frens were going on n on n on abt the cheap clothes thr...*envious look*
5) arghh..i just wanna go on vacation!!!! but i dun wanna go alone..>< cos den there'll be nobody to take pic for me and it's weird to keep asking random strangers to do so..right right right? blerk...

*wishes really really hard to go on vacation* blerk..

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