Sunday, 28 February 2010

round the world in jb~

the whole thing started with my cravings for tauhua (beancurd dessert) at Beans' Talk in Tun there i was trying to go there and before i knew it, i took a wrong turn right at Taman Universiti despite going there before..den gotta make a really big U-Turn before i'm finally on my way to that shop..den there's a jam along the way where i made another wrong turn and ended up making another U-Turn before i finally reached my 1st up, my friend n i decided not to go back and go shopping at 1st we decided to go to City Square, but then my friend suggested Danga City Mall since she has nvr been there but then along the way, i remembered we'll be passing by Holiday Plaza so we ended up there instead since my friend has never been there either..sadly, before we actually started that journey, i forgot that once i'm out of the cafe, i will be heading towards my uni from the highway unless i made another U-Turn but i forgot all about that and ended up reaching the junction towards my uni before i finally could make the necessary U-Turn..urghhh...

den on the way back from holiday plaza, i decided to use my own shortcut to go back but sadly, like usual, i got lost and this time, with the "aid" of my friend and my lack of directions, we managed to actually tour all over JB and even managed to visit the Larkin Bus Stop (where we've never been to before), figured there's actually a large stretch of malay eateries sumwhere around there, the stadium of JB, and even making a trip to pasir gudang..How's that for a ride?LOL
Finally we saw Angsana and turn to the highway but then, we had to drive all the way to sumwhere near Danga Bay for the U-turn so we figured, what the heck? might as well park the car and go down for a stroll..wahahahha

in conclusion, never talk and drive,...and do not take advices from a cute blurr friend, and finally, get a gps if u're a scatter-brain like me..blerk!

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