Sunday, 23 October 2011

Kajang Satay Ngok Lan@Restoran Malaysia

This is the first time I have been to this satay place in Kajang. The only satay place I know in Kajang before this is Haji Samuri Satay. However, I did not really like the Haji Samuri's the last time I went, especially their beef satay which is very very tough unlike this Ngok Lan place (will be elaborated later). First off, we started off with sugarcane juice. The ones here are very nyum and refreshingly good too! And it's pretty cheap around RM1 something. :)
Sugarcane Juice
The peanut sauce here is OK but I would say the one in Haji Samuri is still better in terms of the sauce. The ketupat IMO is also average.
Peanut sauce and one ketupat for moi~
The real star of this place is the SATAY! Definitely! The beef and chicken satay are succulent and soft. A definition of savoury comes to mind as we were chewing on the satay. They are all lean soft meat, a big contrast with satay purchased elsewhere. The other satay flavours available would be the duck satay and lamb satay. Haji Samuri have a lot more choices in terms of meat flavours but overall, I think the ones in Haji Samuri is very tough except their chicken satay but the ones here are all soft. However, my bf thinks the one in Haji Samuri is nicer (cause theirs is the conventional satay flavour with the lack of flour-ry tenderness the ones in Ngok Lan has). PS: the food in Ngok Lan is Halal and no pork is served. For those who do not want to have Satay, there are Western Food and fried noodles, rice etc available too.
Beef and Chicken Satay

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