Wednesday, 26 October 2011

An adventure I would like to go with my pet!

Q: Blog about an adventure you would like to go on with your pet!
Travelling around the world in 80 days with my Summy! (He's a very adorable brown and white tzi tsu who loves his meat, in case u're wondering ;P). Travelling around the world has been one of my earliest childhood dreams and getting to do it with Summy would be the greatest adventure ever! And doing it in 80 days would be a bonus. I've always wanted to see how Phileas Frogg (the hero from the book with the same namesake) do it.

I would even consider using the same route Frogg used, so then I can always have my Summy with me! I can just imagine from Malaysia 

to London
where we'll first peep at the famous Big Ben, which London is famous for...

and maybe even drop by Buckingham Palace since my royal-ish Summyboi (at least that's what tsi tsu are characterised as in one of the pet shop in KL) and yours truly deserve to be royally wowed there ;P

and while we're at it, maybe we might even see the changing of guards ceremony there! My brave Summyboi would definitely be tempted to woof at these serious looking fellas! Don't you think so too? :D

to Suez but maybe in this case, I'll change the destination straight to nearby El-Giza so I can be nearby the Giza Plateau...

and satisfy one of my many must-visit spot! EGYPT'S PYRAMIDS!

the mummies... the pharaohs...

the legends.... the history of the place is simply magnificent!Who never heard of Cleopatra? of King Tut? But come to think of it, my Summy might not like Egypt so much...Ghost/Horror flicks or even dark-theme movies are never much of his thing. Hahaha!

to Bombay aka Mumbai!the city which is ever bustling from the sheer activity!

the home of Bollywood! Oh yeah! Maybe for Summyboi and I! ANDDDD......
also the home of the Movie: Slumdog Millionaire! (But that's it! We're prolly gonna rush around taking in all the sights!)

to Calcutta
the so-said cultural capital of India. So maybe a trip to the temple is in order? ;P or maybe the museum? "SNIFF SUMMYBOI SNIFF!". Lots of interesting smells for my Summyboi like the sights for me!

to Hong Kong  shopping anyone? The city that never sleeps! (A bit of a bad news for Summy though! hehe)

to Yokohama

to San FranciscoSuddenly the song "San Francisco" comes to mind...

If you're going to San Francisco, 
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco

Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair

Summy: Woof Woof WOOOOOFFFFF, woof woof wowooofff! (sings along)

to New York

Lady Liberty! Summyboi and I would LOVE a pic! Don't we Summy boi? :D

and den back to HOME SWEET HOME!

Malaysia Boleh  :P


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