Saturday, 6 November 2010

Taylor Swift

Remember her? Doesn't she just look so sweet? :) When she first came out, I was a big fan of all her songs and stuffs..she's pretty and cute, with a nice enough voice to keep the interest going...Her songs r on reruns in my room, practically playing in a loop...till i got too much of her...dats when radios keep playing her songs over n over again,shops in malls are playing her songs...everywhr u go u hear her

Guess too much of a good thing and it can become a bad thing...after that, i stopped listening...even though i stopped, i still hear her wherever i go..sigh...dats when u realise, most of her songs sounded the same, except for the lyrics that is...

She's still as pretty as ever, with a good voice like always, but it's getting boring..:(

Maybe it's just me but i wish she'll come out with different type of songs, sumtink that is more refreshing than her current trend of the country pop..:P

meanwhile, enjoy yet another clip from her in youtube:

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