Saturday, 6 November 2010

blog dat is full of text, without pics

I know that most ppl blog with some pictures at least to keep the blog 'colourful' and more interesting instead of boring like mine, but sometimes, i have pics to be uploaded but the crappy connection simply does not allow any uploading to be done here

that is why i owes ended up with blogs that resemble a text book more, with its continuous and monotonous sentences...yea, it's so sad rite?:P

i have always left my blog without doing much to them during my academic semester...main reason being, again, the crappy internet and the second was either i'm too busy trying to finish up my mountains of projects and assignments with exams in between or i'm too busy juggling times with frens and classes with the remaining, sounds busy but i'm not...the 2nd biggest reason would be i'm lazy to keep updating my blog esp with my short attention span...but that is gonna change! i'm going to start updating stuff here *determined look* and let myself vent out those frustrations all pent up inside...

i would love to share all the food i've been eating (hence my erhem, figure) but i would have to figure out how to post all those pictures with my comments when i have the time, maybe during my many trips to starbucks..wahhaha

until then, if u're still reading, u just gotta bear with my packed-to-the-brim-with words-blog


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