Monday, 22 November 2010

7 Spices Indian Cuisine JB

I had one of the nyummiest Indian food ever at this place...the service was wonderful, the prices are reasonable and the food was awesome...I am still so bloated after all the food I squeezed into my limited tummy space...*lip-smack*
7 Spices Special Lassi (RM6)
-The nyummiest drinks ever! 
-A mix of dragon fruit and mango with lassi in this drink...doesn't it look colourful as well?
You get to eat your food on the banana leaves...Yea, it's supposed to be your 'plate' cute right? :D:D
We have these to share:

Butter Chicken Masala (RM13)
-This is very nice, not too spicy since I can't take real spicy stuff, with bits of chicken and some creamy stuff which I assumed is the butter or cream...The tomato-based puree gives a lil sourish taste which I LOVED! a great one, though most of the food comes in pretty small portions..and the chicken are all boneless (They asked how you would like them when taking your order, ;)))

Kadai Lamb (Boneless) (RM17)
-Initially, this dish isn't spicy and is pretty fragrant with the spices, capsicum and generous onions and such, but if you take it for a while, it started getting a lil spicy..*hm* wonders why's that..Again, the portion might seem might at 1st but there's just 4 pretty small chunks of meat inside...Quite nice bt, not enough la..LOL (Hence the counting of meat eh?:P)
7 Spice Naan (Lamb) (RM5)
-I actually preferred this compared to the chicken version. Maybe cos the lamb is comparatively more flavorful compared to chicken :) The naan I usually had were actually cheese or garlic or some rather normal stuff and never those stuffed with meat so, this is another nice one..
7 Spice Naan (Chicken) (RM5)
-Similar to the lamb with the excessive butter on top (Gawd, I won't even start thinking about the calories and arteries..LOL) But it's just so deliciously...crispy and nyummy!
Kasta Roti (RM3)
-This is some sort like the naan, but a lil dry-er and a lil crispier..LOL..and without the meat obviously..but nevertheless, with all the extra sauces from the dishes ordered, it is definitely a nice enough dish to complement them.. :D
If you feel like having Indian food in JB, this is the address:
7 Spices Indian Cuisine,
G-01, Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai, JB
PS: The prices shown are nett (no extra charges for services and gov tax, woots!)


  1. dragon friut with manggo? sure sedap~

  2. wow! slurping right now!! LOL =)

  3. soooooo delicious!

    btw follow my blog k

  4. mixture of dragon fruit and mango.... nice combination....

  5. Hey, thanks fro visitng my blog.
    Yup, it's a good book.

    btw, nice blog u have. food blog! :D

  6. thanks all for the comments :D:D

    jemsen: no problem :) ic..ahhaha..thanks..

  7. Love the chicken curry masala, actually tried it in India. But now it's in JB, so far ler since I'm in KL. :p

    K take your word on it, will check it out on my way down to S'pore. :)

  8. The drink looks so pretty hahah!

  9. alvin: wa, all the way from india...wish i can travel around just to eat! :D

    yihan: :)

  10. will check out this place if i ever travel to there



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