Saturday, 6 November 2010

i hate lizards

after my experiences with lizards, i simply hate these creepy crawlies and to top it off, my room seems to be full of them
i hear the tsk-tsking of them during the nites when it's all late and dark, the tsk-tsking of them in the morning when i'm up, and again in the afternoon..simply put, they r owes there even though the eyes cant c them...
i have a phobia that they will just lose their grip upon the ceiling or walls or wherever they r clinging to and drop onto me (believe me, it's rili possible cos that has been happening to me for like always, and it's plain disgusting to feel their cold skinny hands and body on your hands or face or basically any parts of ur body).
arg! so how do i get all d lizards to leave my room? they sure dun listen when i ask them to..:P

One of my unwanted roommates: (Pic taken right above my windows) = So it's not so clear cos, it's zoomed, so much so that it appears quite tiny. Reason being I'm standing as far as I can quite far off. Blerk!

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