Sunday, 23 May 2010

sardine crepe with cheese

Saw a lot of progs in AFC lately. That's Asian Food Channel in case u're wondering n MAN, do I get inspired. LOL. More like getting hungry den trying to improvise what i've watched. anyway, this is my version of a baked crepe-like thingie after watching Chef In Black and all d ingredients looked pretty easy...planned on following what dat guy did until I figured I shouldnt have to go through all those trouble just for an afternoon I improvise..;P

For the crepe: basic pancake ingredients needed namely;
1 big egg or 2 small ones
some wheat flour
butter and olive oil OR marjerin

since i dont have weighing scales in d kitchen, i approximate the ingredients used...put enough flour to make sure the eggs and the flour form a doughlike thingie, a lil sticky...stir well and add in d milk...the amount of milk added will see the dough turning into a watery version of the dough...add a dash of vanilla essence if u wan...

instead of cooking on a non-stick pan like what u'll do with pancake, add in a lil butter + olive oil or u can substitute with marjerin and fry the batter to form a medium-thin round dough. the ingredients will be enough 2 about 2 pieces so u figure out how much to pour into d pan each time ya? make sure the sides are gold before u flip the crepe over. remove from fire.

1 can of sardine
salt n pepper to taste
1 big onion (cubed) (optional)
1 red chili (sliced) (optional)
1 lime (get the juice) (optional)

for the stuffings, instead of doing a mushroom filling, I simply go with sardines (canned ones) =easier :P just mashed up the sardines with dashes of salt n pepper and cubed onions if u wish and some lime juice + chilli slices...(up to u).

Sauces: None (if u're doing mushroom filling, den it might be necessary: Bechamel sauce-simple sauce concocted from rouge and stuff :))

wrap the stuffings with the crepe, the placed into an oven or toaster in my case. make sure the plate below is lined with aluminium foil-will save u the time and energy needed to clean up when the cheese dropped down and burn. Anyway, placed sliced cheese on top of the wrapped crepe (i would suggest mozerella or shredded cheddar instead) and sprinkle some oregano on top. Toast/Bake until the cheese melt or browned (i was too hungry to wait so mine wasnt

and in case u're interested to do d mushroom goes:
slice/cube 1-2 big onion
1 can of button mushroom or u can go for those wild mushrooms (sliced)
salt n pepper
olive oil
chervils to put on top when wrap or u can substitute for coriander...cos im not sure there's chervils for sale in miri (my hometown)

heat up oil. fry onions until brown. add in mushroom. cont frying and add salt n pepper to taste. remove from heat.

bechamel sauce:
1/4 cup unsalted butter
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 cups milk
1 small onion, optional
1 small bay leaf
dash dried leaf thyme, crumbled
salt and white pepper to taste

(rouge)melt butter in saucepan. when butter bubbled, add flour all at once and stir until all are mixed properly. remove from heat.

heat milk. and then heat the rouge again and add the heated milk in. simmer and stir gently.
add in onion, bay leaf, thyme and continue heating n stirring for 10-20 minutes. add salt n pepper to taste. ps: some ppl add in parmesan cheese for a cheesier taste bt that's also optional.

for this, u do d same thing for the crepes. the wrap it up with the mushroom filling and chervils on top. after placing the wrapped crepes on d oven's plate, pour some bechamel sauce on top and cont with shredded cheddars or oth cheese u wan, bring to bake for 5-10mins until the cheese melts and browns. simple rite?:)

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