Monday, 8 November 2010

My Hostel Life~

Finally! I saw people cleaning the toilets in K9!!! Ok, I know I shouldn't be so excited over this but this is such a happy news. The cleanliness here is definitely not something to shout about, compared to the hostel, hence my desperations to change hostel! Anyway, there's only so much one can see about the toilet without cringing, and having ppl really clean it, is a very happy news! Imagine seeing this (at the clothes hanging after washing area, which is why i got my own personal clothes hanger in d room)

this (this one adi considered quite OK hor, sumtimes everything overflowed all over the floor)

and this (to do washings by hand but some ppl cook, so there's like bits of ckn n stuff sumtimes, *gross-out look*)

and I have yet seen the "aunties" sweeping or mopping the corridors in k9! Well, I did spot one of them sweeping up a big bag of rubbish up but that's it (just sweep where there is really visible garbage)~
How I missed the conditions in K12 and K13. The aunties SWEEP and MOP the corridors EVERY SINGLE DAY! arg! And let's just not go into the condition of my room when I first came in...even the word 'terrible' is not doing the room is not doing justice to the room...blerk! enough complaining...there ARE good sides of staying in K9 as well I guess, if you choose to ignore the dirtiness of the place, and the spookiness (since there are lots of suicide cases rumours going on about this place, plus the haunted stories as well, so yea, we k-9ians are a brave lot) and the thefts going on...the thief even stole my syampoo and conditioner!! again, not sumtink that has happened before when I stayed in K12!!!

Oya, the benefits! First being, there are practically no spotchecks at all, nobody cares wut u r doing half the time, it's near to McD, BurgerKing and Shell and the highway ;) There are so-called mini gyms and the food is cheap, u get to buy snacks and goreng pisang (banana fritters) and groceries just right down the building and there are no such rules as no going around wearing shorts or sleeveless etc (unlike some oth hostels, which I shall not name). And there's a sports centre nearby but the facilities just so-so with lotsa broken down equipments, but still, it's better den nth..

Why so many complains and yet I still stay in the uni itself?
1) It is CHEAP! you get single room at rm4 per day including electricity and water and you only pay for extra stuff like d fridge n such if YOU CHOOSE to buy them, or u can even pay up rm7 for a double room if there's no extra room n u wanna have one whole room to urself (like yours truly)

2) You don't have to worry about breaking in n ur car is pretty much safer here compared to staying outside. What can I say? JB doesnt get its notorious image for nothing..:P

3) You get to run around the hall looking up frens without having to spend so much on fuel going to their houses (provided everyone is staying in the same hostel)

4) You don't have to wash the toilets (unless u're staying in certain hostel where u get ur own private bathroom)

5)No need to buy furniture, no hassle when moving back home

Even though 

1) You have to be back in the uni by midnite (Gee, so big liao still got curfew) BUT thankfully, you can just let dem scan ur student card and it's OK dy

2) Park anyhow and u'll get summons (just like the traffic, but unlike MPJB, you kenot ignore them)... BUT you can just not register ur vehicle, den can cincai park lor (This theory i not yet try ah, cos i have stacks of summons liao, yes, it makes me very poor now)

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  1. haha...i m trying ur tat theory...not bad~




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