Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Yew's Cafe

Ok, this has got to be one of my absolute fave restaurant in JB! It has great service, good food and pretty nice ambience! me likey! (Actually, I like the Taman Perling branch best, though it doesn't look as pretty as the one in MAA Tower, but the service is better ;) and I'm an absolute sucker for good service during my meals)
I won't be posting any photos though cos they have pretty strict rules about taking photos there, yea, I tried taking and was kinda told off...which I personally think is a shame!Eh, wait, I found they DO have photos of their food posted in the I'll just post them here as well, so you get what I'm eating :DDD Nothing like a picture to show you how good the food is..:D:D

Today we had:
Mexican Chicken Chop
- I kinda like the sauce :) but I requested Curly Fries for my potato (like usual, LOL) and they are more than happy to oblige :)
PS: The fruit salad wasn't like the pic shown here but it wasn't too far off :)
Crispy Oatmeal Chicken
-This was wad my fren had but I've had it before, it was pretty nice I guess but after having the whole piece on your own, you might get a lil...too fully appreciate any more chicken coming your way..blerk!
 Tortilla Chicken Roll
-Ok, this tasted a lil like LOBAK (Hokkien, or Chinese Meat Roll in Tortilla Wrap). Not that I'm complaining, it was pretty good...actually I liked it best among some of the other tortilla rolls I've tried such as the spicy one, Cheese Double Chicken and Chillies and Tokyo Chicken Tortilla Wrap. Personally, I kinda dislike all the Tokyo Chicken series either in the chicken chop or tortilla cos I don;t really fancy the smell of the miso sauce in my western food..but well, that's just me :)
I noticed that their site and facebook does not feature any pictures for their drinks, which is a shame cos their drinks are works of art..LOL or at least, it is satisfying to know there are some shops who still do freshly squeezed juices for those fancy labels they give to each drinks. Today I had Tropical Sun which was a mixture of orange and pineapple (pretty good) and my fren had ice lemon tea. I actually preferred some of their other drinks compared to Tropical Sun such as their famous sapodilla milkshake, arg, tropical sunset or sumtink? or the one with 3 fruits and roselle...(sorry, I cant recall the names)

Among my other fave for this restaurants include their:
Yew's Lamb Shank
-It is the BEST lamb shank I've tasted so far, not even the one from a German Restaurant I had a while back can fight with this one LOL..OK, maybe that's a bit overdoing it but it's really good..the accompanying pasta is a lil bland usually (I kinda had this for like a few times and I've noted that the pasta are ALWAYS bland, maybe cos the lamb shank comes with a very tasty sauce, so you r supposed to use that sauce to add a lil flavour to the pasta?I duno)

 Oxtail Soup
-It has been ages since I've had real oxtail soup in restaurants. Most restaurants might put this up in their menu, but they had been disappointments...but not at Yew's..their's was nice, albeit a lil too small of a bowl..LOL and the garlic bread wasn't much to shout about, but this is DELICIOUS!
Black pepper rib eye steak
- Another one of my fave :) classic
 The Charcoal Broiled Norwegian Salmon
-Sometimes, I get a lil guilty for eating too much carbs, so I turn to their salmon instead, the serving is pretty small though (for all their salmons, cos I've tried them all, but I liked this best) 
-Or you can try something different like their Beer Batter Fish n Chips (I thought it was pretty good)
 Chicken Chop with Cheese and Ham
-Ok, maybe more like cheese and sausages n ham, but it's not bad :)))
 Mushroom Ragout Tenderloin Steak
-Also a pretty nice choice if u like beef, note that I've usually chosen those steaks I can afford, LOL, they have more expensive cuts as well like Wagyu Steak etc..:D:D
These are like barely 5percent of the menu, but those listed are some of my fave and I think are worth having a go. The rest are good as well I guess but please, if you trust me, you might wanna stay away from their Mango Chutney Chicken Chop, that's the only one of their menu and Tokyo style dishes that I far..:))) Oya, and I LOVE their creme brulee as well (vanilla) but their cheesecake is a lil too...dry and rich? for me..:S
If you are in Johor and have not been here, then you are missing out one of the best in JB..:D

Yew's Cafe & Bistro TAMAN MOLEK (HQ) No. 63, Jln Molek 3/1, Tmn Molek, 81100, J.B., Johor, Malaysia. Tel: 607-3542312 / 3552312 | Fax: 607-3584570 TAMAN PERLING No. 266, Jln Persisiran Perling 1, Tmn Perling, 81200, J.B., Johor, Malaysia. Tel: 607-2328015 | Fax: 607-2320193 MENARA MAA (Next to New York Hotel) Suite G.02, Ground Floor, No. 15, Jln Dato' Abdullah Tahir, 80300, J.B., Johor, Malaysia. Tel: 607-3345312 | Fax: 607-3344710
Websites are:!/pages/Yews-Cafe-Bistro/104235646295420?v=wall You can check out more of their 100++ dishes offered in their menu better in their websites :)


  1. Wrong timing to read this post. I'm hungry alrdy :P

  2. hahahaha i was hungry while i was writing it too :D:D

  3. Food n hurt my stomach too.......hehehehe.

    Following u n follow me too.

  4. Ok seriously looks good....=D

  5. neb: thanks :)

    jfook: u shud definitely try it if u ever come to jb :D

  6. ohmy~ nice!!! ^^ but its in JB...T^T

  7. really make me hungry... my fav rib eyes steak

  8. gosh...johor have so much good food. wokay am so going to follow your blog now. Am drooling already

  9. all the food halal ke??

  10. saya ada dengar food kat yews cafe ada yang tak halal,maksud saya dari segi merination, ada mengunakan wine, beer ? betul ke? tetapi all staff kat yews cafe tak mention pun kat malay customer.Sape nk tanggung dosa ni???? jom kita renung2 kan.. Tahu nk unyung jeeee.

  11. kalau u all nk tahu, outlet yews cafe ada byk TIKUS...especilly kat main kitchen or production kitchen...pastu all staff frm nepal..taik tikus pun bykk...geli betull..

  12. Hi,im nt sure abt d halal thngie bt yes, sum of the food is marinated with beer etc. Bt those r listed clearly in d menu i think. N im nt sure abt the rats. Heh! If it IS true,n u seem so convicted, den call d health depts. Blerk.



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