Thursday, 25 November 2010

To The Best Mum Ever~

It’s been a while
Since you’ve gone
I don’t go to the church,
Nor the temple,
So I’m not sure about angels,
Much less heaven,
But if there’s one,
I hope you’re there…

It hurts to lose you,
But I’m kinda glad,
Cos your pain’s finally gone,
And the suffering too
You never complain, or even cry,
But I know you're in pain most of the time...
I saw you grimaced as you tried getting up, 
But you quickly smiled when you caught me looking,
You showed me the meaning of being strong
When things get rough

I used to complain
From A to Z
Nothing's ever good enough
For the ungrateful brat
Now that you've gone
I missed it all; 
Your food, your concern, your love...

You never judged me, 
Choosing to support me through it all~
You convinced me I am perfect
When no one else did
You told me my work was art
When no one else would
You believed in me
When no one else could
You were my friend, my mentor, my support,
But most of all, you were my mum
I guess I just never saw then
Just how important you were

I missed the way our house was a HOME, 
Each meals was a surprise, 
Each day was special...
You treat us like royalty
But we took it for granted
Never thought it wouldn't last...

I was lost when you left,
And life goes on like it does, 
But it's never the same anymore...:'(


  1. Be strong for her. Be strong for yourself. She will always be there for you. Through thick or thin. So whether youre facing a tough time or not be happy for what you have knowing shes always watching you and supporting you from where she is. Afterall, she is your mother. =)

    Stay strong.



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