Wednesday, 1 December 2010

AirAsia Fiasco~

I'm finally back in my hometown, after a slight delay. Well, at least AirAsia is still a better option time-wise instead of Malaysia Airlines..Dats cause only AA offers a direct flight from JB to Miri and that takes up only 2 hours with the check-in time, luggage and custom etc, den it probably rack up about 3.5 hours compared to the transits offered by MAS which is basically around 5 hours flights-to-flights and total up to 6.5-7 hours if I'm lucky...:S Honestly though, I would have preferred using MAS if not for the time-consuming process of the latter. Cause as much as I would love to like AA's service, they r not as gud as they should be...Not that MAS is that perfect either cos I was caught in a jam which lasted the whole day to actually travel from Miri to from 5am standby to KL but the flight delay till dunno what time and after complaining I get a round the world kinda trip just to get to JB after a 7 hour delay: Miri-Sibu-Kch-KL-JB. But then, cos everyone keep saying AA is cheap and stuff, but I've bought AA tickets costing more than what MAS would have costed AA is not exactly dat cheap unless you get those promo tics~

Like usual, travelling with AA is full of drama..*sigh* I wish my hometown and my uni is just a short ride away, like a short car ride away...travelling nearly every month is so not fun! :( I wish I can have Floo Powder like in those Harry Potter show where I can just travel from one place to the other in like seconds!
Once up the plane, for the thousandth time, ok, maybe that's a lil too exaggerated, but not for the first time, people messed up on their seat number, AGAIN...wonders why AA wanna do the seat numbering nwadays...not like most ppl who use AA cares anyway...ok, but for once, I shouldn't complain cos at least I get to sit at the side-seat instead of being stuck right in the middle if I am to get my given seat..blerk..Cos I din have the best experiences everytime I fly..wonders why...:S

The worst one I still remembered would be the time when I'm stuck in the middle, and right next to me is a super fat big-sized guy who slept with his mouth open, and had terribly disgusting, horrible, puke-inducing bad breath. And all along the TWO HOURS flight, I had to try avoid having his saliva drip onto my shoulders (which is kinda challenging with him filling up the whole arm-rest and part of his shoulders into half of my seat *indignant look* and his head lolling around), avoid breathing much (lest I inhale too much of his breath, EWW) and pray really hard he would stop burping in his sleep (is that even possible?) [For the info, his breath reflects exactly how his digested food smell and it was all I could do not to vomit and even now, the memory of that makes me feel sick :S).
Not everyone sleeps like this ok?:P
And if someone sleeps this way, I oso don't mind geh~

Hmmm, and did I mention I really dislike sitting in front of a spoilt brat with irresponsible parents? The kid who won't stop kicking behind you the whole time? Sheesh! and the parents never EVER do anything about it...I mean, how could they not feel embarassed? :/ Which is why I like requesting for seats near the emergency exits (no kids get to sit there see?) or even the very last row cos there's nobody behind me! yay!
See? Guess I showed the same expression each time too!

OK, back to my flight yesterday.They offers only one cart/trolley for the sale of food, and I'm sitting right at the back of the row. Since I know the way they serve, I usually prefer to book my meals online if I'm on any flight that's over 1 hour (which is why MAS is better cos you don't face the prob of food being out of stock the minute the cart reaches you if u're sitting far back!) since it isn't that expensive and if I'm full, I can owes leave it take out later :P.
And PS: If you tink MAS serves lousy stuff on their local flights, think again after you've had AA's :P (Though some of the meals can be OK at times the nasilemak n 1901, even though the 1901 is a far cry from the usual ones)

So right across me, there's tis uncle who has been getting pretty agitated (cos the flight was delayed by roughly one hour) and was muttering to himself etc since I got my food about the slow service etc etc etc. I don't blame him, I mean, I totally went through that phase like a few years ago, though I was complaining inside my head. LOL. And seriously, AA really spent like nearly 40 minutes before they started moving down the lane so my guess is he's pretty fed up and soon he was like uttering all the explicit words available in English to the girl in his row (who is excitedly flaming his anger) -.-""" Finally before they even reach our seats, they were already telling people they are out of hot meals -.-""" Though I suspected what they really meant is "Sorry, we are too lazy to heat up more" cos the uncle was very pissed when they reach him and one of the stewardess finally told him they have some more and will need another 10mins to heat it up for him" -.-""" What really bothers me is the way one of the stewardess retort to that uncle when the uncle says, "You guys keep serving people sitting in front, then us sitting at the back how?" and she said "If we serve you first, it's not fair for the ones in front". Heck, then it is NOT fair for us sitting at the back oso what? Sheesh!

Really wanna help that uncle oso, but 'shy-shy' ahhhhhh! So conclusion, travelling with AA is not enuf without making preparations like this:
1) Pre-book meals (that way you get your food 1st n no nid skied they run out of stuff by the time it's ur turn, food not nice oso nvm la (backup only if flight delay ma)
2) Snack before going airport (very important!)
3) Request for side seats or better yet emergency seats during check-in (if the counter lets, den no nid pay extra oso :P)

Cheap? Think again when you're stuck in the air, hungry and no food's available unless you want cup noodles...(so sad ni instant noodles even when on board :P) and irritated out of ur hair with the constant kicking behind your seats and trying to avoid weird people with weirder breath/BO (I don't really like those heavy smokers sitting next to me on the crammed AA seats either, you can smell the smoke emitting from their... pores? and the cig smell too!) Sigh, what to do? Not rich enough to afford a private plane, or a Business Class on have to 'act smart' lo! :P


  1. its depends de... sometimes MAS really better deal than AA plus MAS do have food.. hahaha...
    safe journey

  2. do u know that if ur seat number is less then 14, u get express boarding? u no need to queue up. actually, i duno less then wat la but i got number 14 n the staff say, eh, 14 is express boarding. next time, u dont hv to queue. n its free of course.

  3. AA has been my last choice of carrier for a few years now since I felt that they concern more about profit above everything else... My last 3 flights were 2 MAS and 1 KLM :)

  4. they stink, whaday expect with RM 50 bucks anyways

  5. @cloudy: yalor..MAS got cheaper flights actually but i prefer the one whr it's a direct flight, cos saved time, hence the AA
    @phillip: uh, it migt be budget for oths bt for me i usually can only confirm my flight pretty last minute so they usually cost a lot more :P
    @cadlynn: same here, wish MAS offers direct flight from JB to Miri
    @John: no i din noe that, so meaning u have to check-in real early?
    @papabear: was pretty good when it 1st started out rite?:P
    @salty: mine cost like 400++ for one trip, so i guess it's a far cry from rm50 :P

  6. nice music u got on ur MixPod! :D

    btw, thanks for visiting & commenting..

    so, what do u think of my blog's trailer? ;)

  7. I hate disgusting fat guys sitting beside with the mouth open wide yet the bad breathe lagi teruk with smelly feet. WTH~ I rather hang myself in the plane. !@#$%

    I always remind myself to bring a bottle of fragrance with me whenever I'm in public transport.

  8. jemsen: thanks! lol...ya...sorry abt dat..i saw ur msg bt my comp hang n cudnt reply abt the comment button
    bendan: lol..dettol spray into dat guy's mouth :P

  9. MAS all the way for normal prices to fly AOR/PEN - KUL - MYY :)

  10. I also prefer MAS airlines! MAS Airlines to Taiwan serves wine the last time I went on it. Cheerios x)

  11. had bad experiences through AA D=

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