Saturday, 11 December 2010

Trip: Taipei Day 3

By the third day, I realized I still have a lot to go through in the places I listed out to visit in Taipei. So determinedly, I decided to go to more places before calling it a day. Hence, my first choice: The Gold Ecological Park. Me likey! PS: If you made the Youth Card at the Airport like I mentioned in my first post HERE then there's a discount on the entrance fee :))
When I was there, it just so happened there's a primary school having a class trip there so I kinda joined their group for the tour ;P It was pretty fun and I feel like a kid again (right, :P)
There's alot of those old residence and office for the Japanese and some sorta royal residence of a Japanese prince? during the older days. It is so interesting to see the arrangement of those buildings. You'll kinda get the idea where the higher one's social status, then the deeper in the settlement their houses/residence are, and the architecture varies too! and the garden as well, where the gardens of four seasons can be found in the prince's residence..:P

the gardens

the gardens
Next up, is the mining area :)

The tunnel! They have realistic wax figures all over the place

I forgot. Either it's ants or praying mantis or sumtink
This is one big piece of gold!

I want one of these! so pretty! who needs roses when you can have this right? *longing look* :P

the gold dust bowl (you get to try your hands at rinsing out the sands n getting d gold sands)

Since kenot take my own pic while I'm doing this, just gotta settle at taking oths :P
A visit to the park makes me feel richer already! LOL
I went on to Jiufen after that. Cause it's just beneath the hills where the Gold Ecological Park is. You can catch the really pretty view of the whole place on the journey up and down the hill actually. When I was there, there was some sort of celebrations where they parade large (super gigantic kinda large) figurines along the streets of Jiufen. :) The old streets of Jiufen were simply beautiful, in a rustic old world kinda way...the weather was great when I was there too, making it simply...unforgettable..not to mention the arrays of exotic snacks I grabbed along my walk..LOL

From above, you basically get the idea of how many people were there right? LOL and when I was there, there were buses of HKies who seemed to buy stuffs in cartons or, how much can you actually bring back? Well, they give a new meaning on the needs to use buses to tourist spots...Boxes after boxes of biscuits and local delicacies were packed in trolleys after trolleys of boxes to be stuffed up their overloaded buses. (I wonder how they will fit their other 'reaps' from other spots? and their luggages?@@ cos even without luggages, the previously empty bus is stuffed to the brim in all available compartments *applaud*) LOL
OK, this one was when I was going back from Jiufen, the place I was waiting for the bus has this stall next to it. How can I resist right? Since I had to wait for like 15 minutes and the smell is killing me..LOL XD

This is incredibly out of the world. A must try! PS, they deliver to your hotels too! such service! Info below

The shop's name (I duno wut it says, so yeah)

This is nyummy! Different from regular mochis..It's super super nyummy!

The incredibly and ridiculously expensive seaweed :S But lotsa ppl are buying

Haha, duck's tongue. Nvr had them so I tried. :S

The uncle even pose for the cam, but the auntie a bit fierce :D

Uh, my Taiwanese Sausage? I wonder, how come I owes ended up buying those dat tasted like Lap Chang? Argh!

See the auntie's flower? :P

Wherts? It's Nyummy too!

My original flavour wherts. NOM NOM NOM!

And my grilled XL right?LOL the mushrooms I mean..:P
Then I moved on to Keelung. I should have either stayed in Jiufen for the night the previous day actually. So much time spent on travelling from one place to another. My next Taiwan trip, I definitely dun wanna pre-booked hotels dy! >< Changing hotels each night would be better cos most of the places open at 8.30-9am and closes at 4pm :(((
I only managed to visit the Keelung Oceanic Culture and Art Museum and the Harbour cos other places are closed. :((((
The Keelung Harbour

Ships of all sizes

At the museum! OK, I look a lil messy but I have like 30mins before they close :S

CAPTAIN! hahaha, changing from one uniform to the other took me like seconds @@
 The aunties who worked there are very kind to help me take my pics though XD

Then I started off around the Keelung area, before heading to Miaokou Night Market and Nom-nom some more :P

The food selection are so wide that I just couldn't make up my mind. So I went for the safest choice :P Oyster Omelette MY FAVE and the tempura thingie..but the thing is, the portion is quite big so i was stuffed after the omelette actually...and PS, the omelette here is simply nyummy! Unlike another one I bought from Kaoshioung (to be explained in my later posts).
the tempura

my nyummy omelette

the auntie doing the oyster soupy or sumtink
Then I walked around the Keelung town to digest my poor bloated tummy :S and couldn't resist buying a tiramisu back for my supper/snack while watching TV. :D Heaven!
my tiramisu

see the selection? who could resist right?

This is one of the bakery franchise in Taipei I think, they r all over the place

Other posts about my trip to Taipei can be found HERE and HERE


  1. hi :) sure u had lotsa fun in picture.

  2. a lot of picture... cool!!! i had been only in kaohsiung...

  3. so, did u when u rinse out the sand and get the gold, can u keep the gold? ;P

  4. looks so fun :D
    did u get any gold sand? hehe

  5. @BSCH i did, and thanks :)
    @fadli haha, kaoshiung was a lil boring for me :S
    @jemsen yea, i kept 2 bottles :D
    @chuen yupe yupe :D

  6. wow! i hope I call travel Taiwan one day too! :)

  7. What is whert btw? It looks like egg to me heh

  8. i really wish to be there one day :)

  9. @queen u will!
    @hilda sea snail :P wahahah..
    @ken :)

  10. nice nice pics.. love it.. so jealous u travel to taiwan..



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