Thursday, 23 December 2010

Arashi Shabu Shabu, Tebrau City

Yea, finally got to charge up my cam and got the pics out for the last makan trip with my Junior. Haha, saw this shop for ages and finally went in for a try d other day before coming back to my hometown. The food was just so-so, the sauce was nth to shout abt, overall, I just love the ambience bt nt the food nor the service much :)

What we had were as follows:
 The Salmon Set
 The Beef Set

 Chicken Roll

Honestly, the price isn't really worth it for the food but if you consider the ambience, then it's OK :D For Shabu Shabu I still prefer the one in Miri..NYUMMY and I get to order all those meat for abt the same price, or opt for the one in Tapino Steamboat nearby BestMart, Jhr with the nice thinly sliced mutton and lotsa selection for a budgetted price...*salivates*

Guess it's more camwhoring for us before catching a movie, hm...wut did we watch again? I tink it's's so long dat I forgot...a Chinese movie I Since got request kenot post most of d pics so it's just one for now XDXD

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