Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Chinese Leek with Pork Belly Recipe?:P

Chinese Leek has got to be my dad's fave vege so I made it a point to cook it for him everytime I'm back home :) Usually I fry them with "siu yuk" (roasted pork belly) and prawns but today, since I'm in a rush to do a lot of errands, it's just normal pork belly marinated according to yours' truly's recipe and the star of the day! The CHINESE LEEK! hehehe

PS: The time taken to cook=5minutes
Preparation=5-10minutes (not counting marinating the meat's time)

3 cloves garlic (chopped finely)
3cm pork fats (not necessarily, just that today the butcher gave me FOC one, so today got use) LOL
Cooking oil
Some pork belly...roughly 5cm x 15cm sliced into medium thin layers
Corn powder
Salt and pepper
Oyster Sauce
Sesame oil
Chinese Leek, 2 stalks (I'm cooking for 3 very small appetite ppl, ahem!) - slice sideways sorta like diamond shaped thin slices

Marinate pork belly with 2-3 tsp corn flour, sesame oil, salt and pepper (I prefer using soy sauce but kitchen doesn't have any, so I substitute with salt only..:( ) Leave for 15-longer.

Heat up oil. Add in the pork fats and fry till crispy. Add in garlic. Fry till brown.
Add in pork belly slices and fry till they are all no longer pinkish, with slight golden edge and add in the leeks. Fry a while, add in oyster sauce and pepper. Voila! Done!


  1. I have some chinese leek in the fridge...maybe will try out this recipe

  2. haha, have fun! tell me how urs turn out :P



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