Thursday, 2 December 2010

Trip: Taipei Day 1

Ok, last May, I went on a solo trip to KK-Taipei-Kaoshiong-KK and had quite a good time though was previously too lazy to post about it. 4 May 2010 is the date I actually reached Taipei. Pretty exciting actually, with my not-so-fluent Mandarin and a map with all those printed guides I found online...LOL..took the bus to Taipei which is cheap, I think like NTD 120 to 150 if I remember correctly? for an hour plus journey, it is pretty good. After I checked in at my hotel in Ximending (Lilei Hotel), I proceed to Ximending for some exploration.
This is my hotel room, pretty big for just one person I think..wonders why hotels dun have single beds for single traveller? :S
See what I mean? No "LILEI" ok? :(( I was walking past it for a few times dy until the receptionist called me n asked what Im looking for...and most hotels' reception speaks Japanese @@

First of all, I find Taiwan a bit...too Chinese cos the hotel is Lilei during booking but at the real place, there's no English translation...sigh...(since I kenot read, ended up asking ppl around). The aunties there really friendly and helped point me in the right direction once I came out of the Ximending's MRT station. PS: the bus drop off at the Central Station, so gotta take a MRT from there.

I was hungry and tired so I simply went into the first cafe I saw (BAD choice!)

Given, the ambience was pretty nice and laid back, and I liked the rustic feel of the place but the service was rather unfriendly cos I asked what's on the menu and I was given a sharp retort and the food not Taiwan..:P I think the set I had was a fish set of sumtink (cant explain cos she dunwanna tell me, and I only can read "fish" in the menu :P). After that, it's XIMENDING, here I come! *scurries around in a cap*

 Check out the yellow panel! I couldnt read it but it seemed funny :P It definitely won't be seen in Malaysia..XD SO it's sooo refreshing! :P
What would exploring be without some snacks in between right? So I had this corny cheesy thingie (cos the selection on the stalls are all so adorable! so i couldn't resist!)

And to wash everything down, I visited one of the so many lil milk tea shops there..:P
 See what I mean if you can read chinese in Taiwan? :S
 I randomly point one out and this is what I get: Some sorta chinese tea with milk? :SSSSSS (and that's after the girl pointed out the popular section XD)

After I'm done walking around the mazes of tightly knitted malls and stalls and everything in between in Ximending, I went back to the hotel for a refreshing bath before heading out to Shihlin Night Market! Yay! Did I mention that Ximending is full of colourful characters and is like Taiwan's version of Shinjuku? Hehehe, I wish Malaysia has one too! Then I can bring my doggie out to shop as well!
Isn't the graffiti nice? :D

Shihlin Market:
Oya, since I dont read chinese, Ive resorted to buying at stalls with longest queues/with lotsa newspaper clippings/food I've checked out previously in the net :P

Literally it's small sausage wrapped by big sausage (a must have in Taiwan) but I personally doesn't really like it :P

A peanut crepe thingie which has a super long queue but again, since I don't really like peanuts...:P so...
The inside of the peanut crepe thingie :D

This is super nice and super cheap leh!

Before reaching:
1) Do your homework - map, opening and closing days and time, chinese translation of places you wanna go (if you cant read chinese, like me) ;P
Things to do once you reach the airport:
1) Apply for youth card, it's free and you get special rates at certain tourist spot

Once you reach the Central Station:
1) Apply for the Public Transportation card (will definitely be easier)
Note: Each city uses a different card so this one done in Taipei will only be applicable there

Check out my Day 2 in Taipei HERE


  1. its amazing that you cant read chinese but still have fun with it~

  2. thanx for the post.. at least I know where to go if one day I go there.

  3. I think I can go on well in Taiwan. can read, can talk like them (not like in mainland china) hahaha sorry ya

  4. yes, Taiwan is so chinese-y! I was so not used to it at first. feel quite lost actually to us, banana. i felt so relieved when I got back to KL and get to speak English to my bf. speaking chinese is so tiring... huhu...

  5. @kuro: nth's impossible if u put ur mind to it :)
    @eddy: haha..i'll be writing more posts abt that trip in d coming days! :)
    @albert: good for u..:P
    @smoochie: anuh, really not banana-friendly :P

  6. wah...syokla...nak pergi sana jugak~

  7. Nice .. you went to Taipei. :)

    You should make a album about ur taipei trip on ur blog like how I did when I went to Korea. :D

  8. Very fun trip! How i wish i can go for solo trip and be adventurous as well. Kudos to you! Cheerios x)

  9. @cadlynn: go la..airasia got promo at times so shud be quite cheap
    @jemsen: how to do dat ah?
    @mel: ahahaha..awww...u'll be able to soon!

  10. salute you....
    write more about how to get there and extra...
    I also want to free n easy ler.. if one day..

  11. @Celeste, well its not exatcly an album,
    just make a page call 'Taipei trip ' then maybe you can use PICASA or photosop to create an album cover then combine all ur posts link into that page.. :)

    go to my KOREA TRIP POST here >>>

  12. i havent left the country before -__-"
    i'm gonna visit Taiwan too one day (hopefully)

  13. wow! looks fun! ive a few frens who came bak from TW a few days bak. they said it was windyyyy :D. nice.

  14. KK? Kota Kinabalu?
    I want to go to Taiwan too :(

  15. jemsen: okok
    ton: haha..will have chance one..u just nid to make time..
    emily: was XD
    joanne: yes..kk=kota wanna go again too!

  16. hmmm the way u travel is just like me. it'll be funny as well if we travel to taiwan cuz i can't read/write but can speak/listen. it'll be an adventure

  17. johnny: hahaha, it's really fun and most ppl are happy to help out if u ask :D

  18. wish 2 go 2 taipei someday.. :)



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