Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rice Wine Chicken Soup with Vermicelli :)

Haha, look a bit oily. Maybe I shouldn't have used too many chicken wings XD
600-700g of chicken cut into chunks
Oyster Sauce
Salt/Soy Sauce
Ginger (I used about 8cm) - cut into thin strips
30g of black fungus (I put more cos I loved them LOL)
Boiled Eggs
Vermicelli (I prefer the thinner kind but if you like the traditional China type which is slightly 'fatter' in terms of the noodles, go ahead)
Sesame oil
Rice wine (about 1 cup) *more if you prefer it stronger :P

Marinate the chicken with Oyster Sauce, Pepper and Salt/Soy Sauce. Make sure the marinate can cover the chicken properly. Leave for at least 30minutes or more :P
1) Heat up some sesame oil in the pan and fry the ginger till crispy and fragrant (do not make them too brown)
2) Add in the black fungus and stir before adding in the chicken
3) Fry till the chicken is slightly brown at the edges and the skin are a darker shade of gold
4) Cover the chicken with water
5) Close the pan and simmer for 20minutes or more if your chicken is bigger or lesser if it's smaller (Check to see if they are cooked by poking the meat with a fork :P)
6) Taste the soupy to see if it is salty enough etc etc. You can add in the boiled eggs at this point.
7) When the soup is about done, add in the wine and retaste. If it is not strong enough to your liking, add more wine and if it is too strong for you, add water. Simple :P

A) Run water through vermicelli to wash off excess flour (Or dip in cold water)
B) Boil in hot water for 1 minute and rinse

NOTE: Do not put the vermicelli into the soup

In a bowl, put a serving of vermicelli and pour some of the soup and chicken on top. Serve

I think the amount here serves about 3 small appetite individuals..hahaha..make more if you guys eat more :P


  1. The first comes to mind was...whose birthday? Then I notice...oh...different noodle LOL

    Good recipe

  2. @mk: :)))))))
    @smallkucing: hahahaha, i felt like eating it different noodles?:P

  3. Hello! thanks for dropping by :) btw, I see that you're from miri right? I'm having a contest to give away Firefly tickets to kuching/kota kinabalu, perhaps you can drop by on Sunday to check it out :)

  4. holla :O

    p.s: oooh that recipe looks crazy yums!

  5. jac: yeap..okie :)
    shelby: wasn't bad :P

  6. hey babe.. i am hungry now after seeing ur blog

  7. Arrgh, *slaps head! I should have visited here first before I prepared dinner! :p

    Thanks for the recipe :)

  8. @sherina aww, thanks
    @camy :)))
    @alvin hahaha..what did u prepare?:P

  9. Hiya, thanks for visiting my blog, is there still posts coming up for the taipei trip?



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