Friday, 31 December 2010

Holidaying in Sarawak

Long Bedian: Day 3

            Woke up early, as usual here and had an early light breakfast. Then off we went to check out the surroundings and take some photos since I have yet to do that the previous days. It was quite pretty but this is not the whole of Long Bedian. The village is divided into two and there’s another settlement on the other side but I’m not going there this trip. :P A few days are needed to fully explore the place if you wanna check out the jungle trekking and waterfalls, and also the rest of the settlements. The fresh air is definitely a change from the towns/cities. And I kinda like the relaxed atmosphere here but a weekend getaway is fine for me, though not for long-term. Hahaha. I’m missing my doggies, my bed and most of all, my internet and handphone. I feel so out of the world here but it is refreshingly laidback and stress-free. I don’t even have imsomnia unlike when I was in my uni or even at times at home. Niceeee! I checked out the shoplots and the Heritage Centre etc to take pictures. And is acting all Jakun again at the trees and stuffs. Look at the uncle’s seedlings! Kekeke, I kept getting the chills like a snaky will pop out any second as I was walking through them I will kill whoever put that idea into my head last time about how oil palm plantations have tons of snakes. Grr! Oya, I had a lil gift from the step-grandma and since she happily insisted I wear it, so here I was, wearing a lil reddish thingie off a necklace ;P Then off I went to play n poke d lil chicks once I’m in the house. They were soooo cute I couldn’t resist. I’m definitely not going to look after them. I might not have the heart to eat chicken anymore if this keeps up. Sigh! 

     It’s another bumpy ride in the Hilux later (a change of car so I’ll get Pajero’s experience and Hilux’s one too eh? on the off-roads) Absorber testing anyone? LOL

Here’s the photos of the homestay I’m staying at. The place is huge with lotsa rooms to cater for the original large family during holidays and otherwise, it’s homestays for tourists. Lotsa natives’ products hanging as decorations so I’m photographing them all. Hahaha. The place is free for owners of shoplots aka frens in the area too, so maybe one of y’all should open a shop too and get d free accommodations? LOL. Jk. The place is charging very cheap rates I think, so it would be an adventurous holiday on a budget here. :D PS: and you get to eat all those local food made by real Kayans unlike those meals in hotels which are basically the same each time you go. At least that’s what it seemed to me cos after a few nights in the hotel, I usually get a lil sick of the buffets or coffeehouses’ food but is too chicken to try some outside food like during some of my holidays. :S
my bed!

the 1st sitting room

the 2nd one

the deco

more deco

the hallway

the seedlings

the cultural centre 1

the cultural centre 2

cultural centre 3


another room in d homestay :)
More photos from the trip HERE

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