Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ang Ku Kueh :P

Ok, I was feeling pretty adventurous the other day and thought I could experiment a lil ;) Dad loves ang ku kueh and since i browse through a few recipes and they all look quite simple (or so I thought) LOL
I had most of the ingredients at hand, well, actually all of them after I rummaged the kitchen a lil..:P

So here's my slightly modified version of the initial recipe I chose to use:

Sweet Bean Paste:
300g dried split green beans
200g sugar
150ml water
2-3 pandan leaves

1.  Wash and soak green beans overnight.
2.  Drain beans and place in steamer lined with a piece of cloth (I don't have the traditional pao-steamer so I modified using a wok, with an iron flat plate lined with a cloth). Add pandan leaves and steam over high heat for until beans are 'cracked' open or soft.
3.  Blend the beans. (Again, as I don't have the new blender where you can blend things dry, I added a lil hot water to my beans to blend dem...gentler on my old blender see?:P)
4.  Boil sugar with 150ml water and pandan leaves till sugar dissolves. Add in the ground beans and continue to cook over slow fire, stirring constantly, until dry and rollable. Leave to cool before using. (This takes me another one hour more).

A) Beans hardened when cooled, so blend ASAP when you remove from the heat.
B) Cooling the beans take about an hour, or more, so it is advisable to start doing the beans 1st, before the skin (dough)

300g glutinuous rice flour
8 tbsp cooking oil
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp red colouring
200ml coconut milk
a pinch of salt
(Here, I would suggest you double my amount for the skin cause the paste produced would be in excess unless you wanna end up with a thin skin ang ku like wut happened with mine (I was trying to use up all the paste :P))

1. Boil coconut milk with some salt and pandan leaves and let cool. (I added in about 20ml water here :P)
2. Cook 50g glutinous rice flour with 50ml water till form a thick paste.
2. Sift 250g glutinous rice flour onto table, adding sugar and colouring and mix well. Slowly add in coconut milk.Mix and knead well. Add in cooked dough and continue kneading. Add oil slowly (add-knead-add-knead) until dough is smooth. Rest dough for 30 minutes.
Note: Make sure the coconut milk is cool before adding or the dough will be all sticky. And it would be better if you oil ur hands before kneading. :)
4. OK, I'm supposed to divide the quantity of the dough and the filling so they are the same. However, I naughtily tried making the filling uh..'more' cos I wanna use up all the paste >< Bad choice. ><
5. Clean banana leaves and cut into pieces slightly bigger than the mould because the leaves will shrink when steamed.
6. Flatten each piece of dough to form a thin skin and wrap with a ball of paste and place it on a piece of banana leaf. (Here after rolling the paste in the middle of the skin, you can put it in the angku mould which I do not own, and knock it out again to form the design on the conventional angku).
7. Steam kueh koo over medium heat for 8-10 minutes. Remove the steamer lid to let out excess steam in between steaming time so that the water do not flood the poor angkus. When cooked, remove and brush with a little oil to prevent sticking.

TADAAA: my overstuffed angku kueh :P


  1. Overstuffed Ang Ku Kueh! I can see the filling just waiting to burst out with a small bite. Mmmmm... :)

  2. ahhahaha, dad preferred less filling :P he can barely taste the skin sigh..shouldnt have been so greedy i guess :P

  3. Sarawakian? Haha loooks like u really travel to lots of places XD

  4. I dont really fancy ang ku kueh though.. :P

    so, hows ur taipei trip album?

  5. this looks really good, and the fact that you can cook this makes it altogether cool! I usually buy this from the market...hehe love all the fillings of it

  6. haha when I was kid I know how to make ang ku kuih, now dunno how to make already =( anyway! treat me! =P

  7. @max yeap :) u too?:P
    @jemsen hahaha, it's not my fave too, bt since dad likes it, so i try making it lo :P lol, a bit lazy to do..maybe later :P
    @salty hahahahahah kinda too bored at home so i fiddle around in d kitchen instead
    kian fai cehhhhh, mai kae si come i sure give u...*generous mode*

  8. looks yummy :D i love ang ku. hehe

  9. looks like the skin a bit thin, but if the skin too thick also very hard to chew. Hahaha... anyway, yours look good

  10. some they take the ang ku and fry

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  12. me like me like! red bean flavour!

  13. @chuen sadly im not a big fan of angku
    @y square ya, the skin is definitely too to make the size of the skin and the paste(filling) of the ratio 1:1
    @small kucing yea, fried angkus are nice, but provided the skin is thick enuf..:P mine i baked them in the toaster instead, can get pretty crispy as well, :D:D
    @eatgod noted :)))

  14. wowww looks niceee XD i like peanut stuffed ang ku kueh more XD tehee

  15. @domo hehe, maybe i'll try making dat next time :D:D



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