Friday, 3 December 2010

Trip: Taipei Day 2

For my 2nd day, it's a trip down to the Taipei Zoo!!!! Yay! Zoos are one of my fave place actually and the Taipei Zoo is certainly not something to be missed. It's MASSIVE! And quite far from the city I guess? Cause it's at the end of the MRT Line. I woke up really early and after breakfast around 8am at the hotel, I set off...Took me about 2 hours to reach I think, including my wrong cable car ride..blerk! I initially thought that the zoo was at the end of the cable car ride bt turns out it's the 1st one...the last one was supposed to be a place for worshipping and tea-drinking (like the really traditional way of drinking chinese tea and watching the view and maybe chess :P). So it's a round way trip on the cable car for me and this loses me an hour or more...:P But it wasn't all bad. Met a very nice Taiwanese couple in the cable car who tried helping me get on the right track. They were visiting frens in Taipei and it was their 1st time too! ahhahaha. Talking about meeting people, I've met a few nice people even by the 2nd day especially from the hotel lobby and the dining area: a Japanese girl, a Korean-Chinese couple and a few Hongkies :D:D Everyone was nice and friendly and certainly opened up my eyes ;)
Ok, back to the zoo, well it was huge like I said and divided according to the world Tropical Zone, etc etc (can't remember the names) and they have a lot of those buildings sectioned out for insects and bugs (Insectarium), fireflies, even those stuffed animal and many others kinda museum (Think Night of the Museum). Their animals are really comprehensive and cover practically all the animals you can think off! *Impressed* I spent most of the time snapping like a maniac and my cam was outta battery by the time I'm in the Kids' Park or sumtnk whr they have those ponies and such. The whole place is also full of these really creative landscaping! Shall just post one example here ;P
Nice right? Hahaha! Too bad solo travellers dun get to have frens to take the pics when there are cam-worthy stuff to take...I really really wanna straddle the rhino n take my pic!!! ><
 Some animals you dun get to see in everyday zoo?:P
 Night at the museum thingie. PS: They have that guy on the horse etc too but I cant find the pics ><
Some kids freaked out once they enter this place. LOL. Lotsa creepy crawlies running flying and crawling free. The insectarium:
Can you spot all the butterflies? They are all over the place. Not to mention bugs on the floor
My refreshment! Haha, too 38 and purposely tried the vending machine! Cos a lot of the drinks I've never seen before in Msia..:P
I took 5-6 hours to finish walking the zoo. A tip would be taking the cable car up and then walk down, instead of going through main door and walking up. The zoo's on a sorta hill I think. And I underestimate the time needed for the zoo. After that, it's on to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park (Actually I planned on going to someother places but then most places closes at 4.30pm so I can't make it anyway).
I'm here!
Look like the ones in Britain where they stand still the whole day till the time to change shifts right?:P
Doesn't he just look cool?;P
Then it's on to Rouhe Night Market (Taipei has tons of them and I was in an attempt to finish going to as many of them as possible :S)
The 'ai yu ping' which is uh, GIGANTIC...imagine a big steak plate?in the form of a bowl..sheesh! (Oya, I choose the mango jelly and pineapple and...more jelly -.-"" cos i duno the mango jelly is a jelly? It looked like mangoes to me at 1st)
The Famous Black Pepper Pork Buns
After the gigantic 'ai yu ping' I'm bloated! :((((((( Which is why this is when I wish I have frens to share the food with..grrr! And I dun really like the black pepper pork bun, even though it's famous :P cos it's full of those pork fats added liberally @@ But then on the way back, i passed by the 7-11 (Taiwan is full of them) and couldnt resist >< They have herbal eggs 24-7 @@ LOL and some milk :DDDD
I'm beat after walking around the zoo for like so many hours non stop at such a brisk pace :S
You can check out my Day 1 in Taipei here


  1. hmmm.... non of the photo you in?

  2. hahaha, all got but too close up cos i took on my own ni de..:P

  3. like ur blog.
    big fan of food i am:P

  4. yer, i thought the hippo really swimming in the pool of bricks. silly me!

  5. I never had a chance to go to Asian countries yet =(

  6. cool...i wish i can visit taiwan too

  7. i so envy u right nao. T____T

  8. For some reason, I just have not visited Taiwan...
    I really should plan a trip there...

  9. omg envy>< aiyubing>< i wannaaa go taipei!!yorrr...TT

  10. The pork bun is so tempting!!
    Plan to go to Taiwan for my graduation trip.

  11. Oh Raohe night market! I forgot if this was the one where pythons were sitting right in front of certain stalls?

  12. @jemsen 8 days
    @natalie glad u do, hahaa..yeah!welcome to d club
    @xing anuh anuh...i was so tempted to take all those pics..they have lotsa oth animals built into the floor one oso..
    @bernard y not? where r u?
    @ms n hahaha, you will if you start planning for it:P
    @laila hahaha...go go! it will be fun! solo or not..:P
    @XCB no nid envy la..ahhaa..u oso can de
    @benjamin definitely!!
    @domokun hahaha if just aiyuping, here oso got plenty geh..:D
    @ken well, i dun really like it but a lot of ppl do..hahahah..should try it out if u go there :)
    @darran hahahaha..i din c any pythons there when i went o..LOL...u saw one there isit?:D
    @john now or..? now im in msia liao la?



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