Wednesday, 15 December 2010

After Three Miri

The fried beef kueh tiao (The beef servings are really generous eh?)
Fried bilin with belacan (nyummy too)
Venison with bitter gourd rice (I dun like this one, venison's too tough and slightly dry?)
Chicken cubes with dried chillies (nice too)
Fried tanghoon (this one's good but the 2nd time I went, it wasn't as good :S)
Fried Seafood with Tofu! (my fave)

Dad asked about Wanton Noodles and the girl suggested this, which turned out to be kinda-like ee fu mee? but still...where's the wanton? LOL
 The Lamb Shank is to-die-for albeit a lil too spicy for me, and it's soo cheap in comparison with others sold..RM12.80++ with drinks included. It's lamb shank is extremely tender with a black pepper sauce (with hints of BBQ sauce and some tomato if I'm not mistaken, so delicious!)



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