Monday, 13 December 2010

My Puppy and I on a boring Sat afternoon

LOL, can I just say here, my puppy, Summy simply loves playing tug of war + fetch all in one. He is already about 7 months old but to me, he is always a puppy :P
The last time I played, I tricked him and acted like I wasn't interested anymore in grabbing his pillow (yea, he had a mini-sized version of the pillow we had on some of the couches), before making a dash for his pillow and grabbing it right under his furry nose :D:D and after a few times, he learnt and started doing the same back!!!Grr!
And today I played another game with him: Throwing his pillow and when he is off, I quickly took up his puppy bone and throw it again after he finish fetching the previous one...:D He got smarter by the 3rd time and resort to taking whatever's with me before taking off to fetch the other one den leaving one there before bringing only ONE back to me. Smart Summy! *huggiez*

SUMMY: *push push pillow at mistress* I WANNA PLAYYYYYYY!!!!

his really really determined pull at the pillow in tug of war (he doesn't like losing)

SUMMY: *stick the smelly pillow again n again at mistress despite being rejected a few times* I DUN CARE, I WANNA PLAYYYYYY!!!!

*confused look after being rejected*

He's simply too reluctant to go anywhere without his smelly pillow so most of his pics involve him either holding it or being somewhere near it..Isn't he just so cute? Especially when he's looking down if we leave him without any attention for some time..:P (That includes sleeping time, then he'll start waking us up when he is too bored of roaming the house all by himself XD)

And for some reason, he has taken to not eating unless we are eating the same food too, no matter how hungry he is *swt* So even though he has not eaten for hours, he backpedals when I filled up his bowl with his biscuits till we pretended to take some of them and nom-nom out loudly, then only he eats them up!

One of his fave pastime=watching tv (learn from yours truly and the sis), though he dislike all horror/flicks with murderers and ugly fellas cos that's when he'll get up and started barking at them (he's a timid doggie)...he likes cartoons though, except Upin and Ipin or sumtink (I suspect cos the cartoon looks weird).

his occasional 1st class seat ;)
or too captivated to find any proper seats
And I like to think he is happy whenever he shows this kinda faces:


  1. hahah..make a movie bout ur dog.. :)


    LOL!! ;D

  2. SUMMY!!

    d best and cutest puppy ever!!

    missing lil summy :(

  3. kekeke...summy misses pu too!!!



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