Monday, 20 December 2010

Trip: Taipei Day 4 and Kaoshiung Day 1

The view at the breakfast area at my hotel:

I was planning to go to Kaoshiung that day so decided to finish up areas around my hotel and the Taipei National Museum before setting off. Hence, a visit to Longshan Temple. The temple is very pretty with lotsa lanscaping done. There's a pond with superhuge kois and a really beautiful man-made waterfall. When I was there, there's a lot of people doing their incantations for prayers and stuff, so the place is kinda packed.

As for the National Palace Museum, it was one of my favourite spot...the arts, the beautiful antiques, the sculptures, everything! OMG I could have spent hours there if not for my train to Kaoshiung that very afternoon..sigh! I just managed to spend about 4 hours there, which is not enough IMO cos I rushed through everything >< and there's the Aborigines Centre and stuffs nearby which I didn't manage to visit *sob* I didn't take any photos of the displays except for the view of the place from outside cos I dun think any pictures of the display will ever do them justice...:)

After that off I rushed for my very 1st high speed train to Kaoshiung! It was pretty good I guess with the spacious seats and all, though I get a lil dizzy after trying to look at the grass passing by..LOL, I know, stupid right? But it was pretty boring along the journey with nothing much to see :P with the countryside and all..

Anyway, once I'm there, I checked in my hotel and quickly went off to grab some bites...since the bento I got myself at the train station was not very nyum nyum~

A not so nyummy bento but it was quite cheap ;P

Kaoshiung here I come!
The ceiling at the station, I know, this seemed very 38 but I couldn't resist...:S

Ok, these are all stalls leading to the Night Market and I kinda tried them out along the way, making me kinda stuffed by the time I actually reached there. :((((

There egg buns thingie is not so nice I guess but they look so cuteeee...PS: I tried most of the available flavours cos Taiwanese shops got a thing about buying stuff in a large number and not just one by one :S

The Papaya Shake or Papaya Milk that Taiwan is famous for? :P
 Since a lot of stalls are selling the same thing, I chose the one with the longest queue and the most reviews and/or newspaper clippings :D

The longest sausage I've ever seen @@


  1. You travel yourself or by agent?? ^^ Fun to travel.. i hopes to go Taiwan also. XD

  2. wow! taiwan ar? i wanna go too! bring me! xD

  3. many days you're there?

    I've never been to Taiwan.. :P

  4. wow!!! i heard taiwan got nice food..

  5. @bendan by myself :)
    @snowman and phillip ahahha, too late..back already
    @jemsen 8-9 days i tink
    @john where's dat?
    @shah yea, there's so much to choose from but too bad there's not enuf space in my tummy :S

  6. i love the food there..hope can get it oso ><

  7. wa Taiwan =P you went Gao Xiong only? =P

  8. @irene hahaha, yea, it's like a food paradise :P
    @kianfai went taipei too :P

  9. yummy food. My tummy growling already though I have just had lunch. Would love the papaya juice

  10. @small kucing haha,yea lo..and it was pretty cheap cos in taiwanese restaurants in kl cost abt rm10 per glass :S



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