Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bruce Lee My Brother, A Review

Guess we all heard of his name as we are growing up (at least for people my age :P) and his name has long been associated with chinese martial arts. There has been plenty of bibliography films shown about him, but this one is probably the first done with collaboration with his relative aka from the view point of his younger brother when he was young. My first thought was that, eh, this guy is wayy cuter than the real Bruce Lee (no offence to all the Bruce Lee fans out there :P). The movie was pretty good I guess, with plenty of fighting scenes, not as much gore and blood as I would expect from this kinda flick though..(more fighting would be nice to showcase his fighting skills eh). And the lil bro dancing with Bruce Lee in the movie is just soooo cute...wish I can cha-cha dat way too! I dance like a klutz in comparison to them :S
And the movie has quite a lot of humorous bits put in, and the lil bro definitely is good for a kid his age, the acting I mean...and Nicholas Tse's lil sis in playing the part as Pearl, Bruce's initial love interest..:D

However, I'm a lil confused by the way the plot changes...Initially I got the impression Bruce doesn't speak good English but sumwhere down the movie, apparently his English improved...

and I don't really like the ending cos it closes with the family sending off Bruce to US...but how come they mentioned that the drug ring was busted, so it should have been OK for him to stay, no? hahaha...guess y'all have to watch it yourself to judge...:P

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