Sunday, 14 November 2010

Why being a student makes me fat?

1) I spend too much time eating fast food for the sake of convenience and cos it's way cheaper than having a normal meal (yes, even a meal at lousy coffeeshops is more expensive than fast food, especially McD). These are among the stuffs I have a habit of drive-through-ing and gobbling up in my room. Futhermore, they are all situated so near my hostel, making them more appealing rather than queueing up for oth orders in shops which require me to change into something appropriate before leaving the room. There's McD and BurgerKing just 5minutes away, or KFC and PizzaHut just 10 minutes away. Blerk! So much for having a healthy diet.

2) I spent too much time sitting at my rather hard, uncomfy chair at my desk, right in front of my laptop. Basically all my entertainment and academic life circles around this specific spot. I do my endless list of projects, assignments, and info-grabbing from this laptop, and since e-books and journals are all available online, libraries are just places i visited if i really couldn't get what I wanted from the net. When I'm tired of working, I watch animes, movies, dramas, etc etc all on the same laptop or I play games or FB (duh!) and stuffs. I only budge from my "throne" when I have to go to the toilet. Note that for other stuffs like drinks and snacks, I keep them on the same desk, hence, easily reachable without even lifting my lazy butt.

3) There is too much love for good food in me to be on a strict diet, allowing only greens and non-greasy stuffs. After a tiring day, it feels good to eat nyummy food and it doesn't help that I used to have friends who share the same passion. LOL.Not complaining though. :D:D

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