Monday, 15 November 2010

Vilaggio Restaurant

Yesterday we randomly went around for dinner and simply picked this cafe after a couple of wrong turns. Blerk! What can I say? I'm not the best person with directions..It appears to be an Italian restaurant and it sort of is, with average? (I'll explain why later) services and disappointing drinks. Food-wise, it is quite OK but if I am to compare it to other Italian restaurants I've been to, such as Bella in Penang or Gianni's Trattoria (*drools*), JB or a few more which I could name. Let's see, I'm slightly surprised to see waitresses communicating in mandarin in an Italian restaurant -.-""" and then, I don't mind them circulating around to see whether we needed them but there's this waitress who kept peeping at our table obviously and she was a lil too close for comfort a couple of times during our meals. It's just a lil rude imo to stretch ur neck so obviously and walking so near our table for so many times in 30minutes, just a thought. Other than that, they are quite decent as they keep refilling our glasses with plain water when they see that ours ran out, but was pretty uncomfortable at first.

What we had:
Beef Bolognese
- I don't really like it but my friend think it's OK so...guess it all depends on your taste :P

Passion Fruit Juice
-Just something from a cordial, though I ordered Passion Fruit Green Tea initially but guess they got the order wrong and I don't feel like changing it :)

Petto De Polio
-This is pretty good I think, the chicken breast are stuffed with cheese and served on a helping of mashed potato and Italian mango salad (but the salad wasn't as good as the ones I had in other places though, still...this wasn't bad)

Orange Juice
-Another drink made of cordial, I couldn't understand why establishment like this couldn't actually attempt at making better drinks since they are gonna charge anyway...sigh
Yea, it's just us! As you can see, the ambience wasn't bad, but maybe some improvements in the services and drinks would make it a pretty good place to just eat and talk? :P

Well, if you're interested to check this place out, they are at:
No.48, Jalan Hang Tuah 4,
Taman Skudai Baru,
81300 JB (07-5567366)

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  1. Hi Celeste, I stumbled upon your blog today and I liked it! I enjoy your writing style and your authenticity. May I humbly invite you to be my guest blogger in my, please. My blog is about the food of Johor. I am sure my readers will appreciate a fresh perspective and style, and will enjoy your posts as much as I do. Thank you :)



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