Thursday, 23 July 2009

Qing Xiang Vegetarian, Miri

I like this sweet and sour pork rib the first time so since there's just a measly 6 pieces inside, dad n i ordered another plate but sadly, the second plate was not the vegetarian meat like the one in the first plate, but rather, oyster poor substitute...*disappointed face* This is the salad prawn or sumtink...hmm...i would say it's average but for vegetarian food, it's pretty ok...:D

The vegetarian sharks fin *blink* Using vermecelli as substitute for the fins...hahaha...animal lovers would be ecstatic...:P
Anyway, I tried having chocolate bubble tea (OUT) so i changed it to blueberry bubble tea (OUT AGAIN) and so I finally had peach bubble tea...i like it but dad thinks it's very powdery in terms of the gotta admire my determination to have bubble tea rite?LOL
dad just had plain old lemon tea
Overall, I find the service here a lil slow but the food's pretty good so i guess it's worth the wait..

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