Friday, 6 May 2011

Fong keow (pottery) bak kut teh, klang

Went to this place yesterday. Was famished so everthing was cleaned to d last drop. However,d wet bakuteh was nt so gud d first time cos d soupy was a lil charred. Bt when we complained, d lady boss was kind enuf to exchange d soup. Too bad she din change d meaty all dats inside. So we can still taste d charred burnt taste after. Nt a vy good way to gain a lasting impression imo. D fry bakuteh was good,one of d best ive tasted...n i like dat we get to make tea by choosing d tealeaves ourselves, sumthink different den wad im used to...heh!

My bear gt an upset tummy after the meal wondering if this is a good future choice...even though my tummy's fine...


  1. haha, me not so much..:P but having dem once in a while is good :)

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