Friday, 16 March 2012

Sumboi, a memory

I remember he came along into our household in about late April 2010 when I was in KK enroute to Taipei. He used to be smaller than my hands and we kept him in a laundry basket like how babies are kept in pens to avoid him running off and hiding under every crook and cranny in the house with his fave-deep inside under the couch. A hassle, obviously to take him out of there cos he would just keep struggling or hide under a different end whenever you lifted up one end to get him. Annoying too. Anyway, from an annoying furball, he turned into an adorable albeit still annoying companion. He was a good friend when I had nobody around. He listened when I'm sad and never failed to replace my tears with his saliva using his small lil tongue. He waited for us to be home each day without fail everytime we went out by the lil glass panel of our front door. He might sounded bratty with his fussiness with his food: Jerhigh and freshly cooked meat (no overnight food for him, don't ask me how he know), or the small canned dog food. He didn't mind human food but dog biscuit foesn't w
ork. It was never a real problem cause we love pampering him that way and it is affordable. His company and all the cheering up he did for us makes everything worthwhile. We love him and hopefully, so did he. He is good with leash on walks by the beach and even just the road. He seemed to understand what we wanted and orders even though he might not do it all the time. I used to get annoyed when he peed and pooed everywhere and had to clean up his mess but what I wouldn't give now to have him back! As he grew, he was more adorably attached to us. He loved squeezing himself between us when we were watching tv and is content to lie on our legs or just being nearby as we sat around. He only gets up when we do(in which case he will trail us to the toilet and wait outside, sometimes peeing too as he waited), or when he wanna go around marking the house -.-"" a bad habit we came to accept cos no amount of scolding and smacking do the trick. The way he acted like an alarm clock every morning to bang on our bedrooms door to wake us up (even though it might goes abit awry especially if he slept too early cos we suspected he estimate the time from there) and even sometimes I get a lil pissed especially during weekends but he never give up waking us cos to him, it's like part of his 'duty'.

He guarded us from all strangers and no matter what, he didn't leave us unprotected from the meanie strangers who came to the house during festivities. He knows exactly who can be trusted and who not to. To say he bark at all strangers or new faves is wrong! He never really bark at my bf when he first saw him, so there! You people complained he bark at you, but he simply remembered how those people pulled his ears and threw stones at him when he was young. Can you blame a dog for being insecure and scared? He loved some people unconditionally. When the grandkid pulled his fur and play with him, he was always patient and NEVER retaliate! He was kept in a cage when my sis and I was not around but he always seemed so happy when we are back and he could be free. So how could he died and nobody noticed?

I regretted nt playing with him when he kept nudging me wif his toy just so i could concentrate on my stupid tv show. I wish i brought him to the beach more instead of once in a while just cos I am lazy to bathe him everytime after we come bec from the beach. I wish i let him be when he kept squeezing his toy and making those annoying squeaking sounds instead of taking it away everytime after a while. I wish i let him wake me up early instead of pushing him away from my bed. There were so many regrets that I just wish time could turn back.

Everybody else can say he's bratty but how many dogs stay still to get his bath huh?So he is the best doggy and not bratty at all. He just had a higher expectation of his life and its quality. He left yesterday without me or my sis or anyone else to accompany him. I especially hated the fact that he was all alone, when he was always there for us but I wasn't even there when he passed away. I always thought there is gonna be more time to be with him when I graduated but he left before I even do. He was so young and so small, I just couldn't believe why nobody realised he was not in the house and he was out there fending himself from the strays and nobody to help. I wished I was home to bury him and at least say goodbye.

I have never felt so sad since when Mummy passed away. I just hope that what people say about dogs are true-that they go to heaven and maybe he can accompany my Mummy there! I love you, Summyboi. You be good now and stay!


  1. Dear Celeste, I'm sure he's in a good place now. No regrets because to have him just for awhile is better than not to have him at all. Take care, kehli & tim



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