Thursday, 10 November 2011

Din Tai Fung, Pavillion

Like usual, if you are at any restaurants like Din Tai Fung, Dragon-I or etc, wut else but to order their 'xiao long bao' or literally translated as little dragon buns. In this place though, I usually like their crab-meat xiao long bao better than their normal ones cos they are the only one with crab meat stuffings. Haha. However, in this shot here, we ordered the normal ones. This place boast of pretty decent xiao long baos with cheaper price as compared to Dragon-I. I guess maybe cos Dragon-I landed in Malaysia first? Or wut? I'm not sure too but's the basket we ordered (Devoured in minutes or was it seconds?) Blerk!

The fried french beans with minced pork is a delicious addition if you're ordering dishes albeit a lil too well-done (the beans). It's savoury and fragrant so I definitely welcomed it after spending the whole day shopping around in the malls in KL.

The sweet and sour pork/chicken (can't remember) is decent as well. Portion was quite alright despite being served in a quite small plate. Hahaha...Maybe it's a trick of illusion of sorts eh? Making the dish appear bigger by using smaller plate? Anyway, we enjoyed this as well....or maybe we were just too hungry that time..:X

We ended up the dinner with a mango-rific dessert which is not as sweet as one would expect, but quite refreshing all the same especially after the quite filling dinner.

Oh well, Din Tai Fung is definitely a place I would always revisit. :) So I guess that alone says alot about the quality of food and the ambience...Don't you think?

Oya, to actually cover all the dishes, here are some other photos from my previous trips to Din Tai Fung in MidValley. I won't repeat what has already been covered though :)

The Prawn Fritter Thingie
They put whole prawn inside covered with very muchy mayo (a lil too much IMO) and some mango cubes...A nice starter if you like prawns and mango :)

Guess what? Hehe, yeapppp...the Crabmeat Xiao Long Bao! *lipsmack*
The Chicken Soup Ramen however is quite disappointing. I hated the gingerish smell which accompany the soup and I preferred Ramen from Dragon-I all the way or the place in Paradise Dynasty, Orchards Road, Singapore.Click HERE to view my take on it.

Located at Pavilion 6th Floor Lot No. : 6.01.05, Level 6
Tel. : 03-2148 8292.

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