Friday, 11 November 2011

Viet Cafe, Alor Setar

After endless hours of searching and googling online, I stumbled upon an entry of this place, Viet Cafe. Since the review wasn't bad about this place, I decided to give this place a try together with my sis for one of our dinner to avoid some serious squeezing in our brains for ideas. When we reached, the whole place was quite deserted except for one or two worker smoking in the front of the shop. Not exactly the kind of vibe any shops wanna give their patrons, eh? Anyway, braving ourselves for the next adventure, we decided to just go ahead and eat despite that. *sigh* Guess we are just some desperados for some foodacios in Alor Setar.

Inside, the deco is not exactly a disappointment even though it doesn't wow us away. :D

However, the overpriced drinks are a lil daunting. Hahaha. Soft drinks are OK I guess at RM3. However, coffee in this place (I saw some blogs saying the coffee was all that etc which encourages us to order! Argh! The irresponsibility of some bloggers! Please time if not nice, say not nice...if from the 3-in-1 coffee, don't praise it like it's some sorta original coffee they make ownself etc). However, I shall still plough on...anyway, for the coffee, this is a very disappointing experience. My advice: Do not order the coffee unless you are expecting some mediocre watered-down version. For the owners, I am sorry if I offend you with this blog but this is my opinion only. And do compare the picture of the coffee I HAD and the coffee they DEPICT in their Facebook page. *double sighs* I don't get some shops. If you want good rep, maybe you should keep up the quality or at least try to?

The only thing I find commendable about the drinks is the fact that they used a very unique-ly shaped glass for the soft drinks. I guess I will grudgingly give them some bonus points for that.



As for the so-called famous fried popiah that again, one blogger highly recommend, let's just say I beg to differ. Looks-wise...quite pathetic...Filling-wise, very thinly put...Looks itself says a lot no? Like a wise man once said, a picture says a thousand words. Therefore, I shall leave this picture unexplained lest I get a letter from lawyers eh? :P Maybe I was expecting too much from all the praises some people are singing about this dish. So...maybe I was a lil biased...:S

The Mango Seafood Kerabu. This I shall say OK! Haha, it is quite good I guess. EXCEPT that the prawns they used were so unfresh that it leaves a slightly paper-ish sensation in my mouth. Eeekkk!

And...the seafood tanghoon. This is also not bad considering. Haha. See? I'm not as picky of an eater.

Viet Cafe
11 , Jalan Lengkok Sari, Taman Bandar Baru Mergong,, 05150 Alor Setar, Malaysia
Mon - Wed: 11:30 - 01:00
Thu - Fri: 11:30 - 02:00
Sat - Sun: 11:30 - 01:00

PS: the so-called free wifi is only for an hour and then it's blocked...:S weird cokot shop

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