Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nyonya Udang Masak Lemak Recipe


1) 200g red chillies
2) 10 small shallots
3) 2 -3 stalks lemongrass
4) 4 cloves garlic
5) 5 pieces of limau purut leaves 
6) 3 x 3 cm belacan
7) 250ml coconut milk
8) 500g prawns
9) 1 small pineapple (cubed)
10) 100ml assam (tamarind) water
11) Sugar and salt to taste


1) Chop ingredients 1 to 4 and blend until they form a fine paste.
2) Using a little oil, fry the paste + belacan until fragrant.
3) Add in pineapple and fry for a while until they are all nicely combined.
4) Put the limau purut leaves and assam water and stir for a while.
5) Add in the prawns and then coconut milk.
6) Put sugar and salt to taste.
7) Simmer for a few minutes until prawns are nearly cooked and remove from stove. *They will continue to cook in the broth so once the prawns are pink, quickly remove them*

Note: This recipe is definitely on the not-spicy side. I would recommend adding 2-4 chilli padi to the paste OR some good chilli powder for more heat.

PS: photo was taken halfway through eating. :S forgot about taking pictures.

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