Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tokyo Itinery - Day 1

About a month ago, I went to Tokyo with my boyfriend and I had been postponing the blogging part of it until now. IMO, food there is mostly nyum at least where Japanese food is concerned and if you love ramen, soba, the rice bowls, and so on...but in terms of variety...I would say Malaysia still offers the best choices money can buy! I mean we have Chinese, Indian, Malay, Italian, Japanese, Korean and what-so-ever at much more affordable prices and they are easy-to-come-by at all hours. You are hungry and it's past midnight, so you just head to the nearest Mamak for a quick fix be it nasi campur, roti canai or even Maggi goreng! Plus a hot steaming cup of teh tarik. Or you can choose from the many fast food chains which are open 24-hour like McD, KFC, etc. In Tokyo, of course you have their 7-11 with a complete selection of all sorta Japanese snacks and "lunch boxes" where you can heat it up in their readily available microwave. Maybe it's just me but give me hot steaming roti canai any time! LOL. The first few days are heavenly for a Japanese-food lover. But a few days into munching your way through countless plates of sushi, ramen and soba...and also their Japanese rice sets where you have fish/pork/beef/prawns on rice etc I was pretty ready to get my dose of Malaysian food. Hahaha!

Of course, shopping is fun, but expensive. I even managed to find packets and packets of my fave fishy snacks from there! Walking and going around is...tiring...albeit confusing despite their fame for the excellent public transportation system...

At the Airport

Day 1 (1 July 2012)

Reach Haneda International Airport - Hotel (Hotel Horidome Villa)

As simple as it may sound, we were lost for an hour plus in the middle of the night on our first night in Tokyo. Yeap, we decided to forgo the initial plan of his (which he planned to the dot before our trip) to use a seemingly shorter way to reach the hotel as advised by a very *ahem* so-called native of Tokyo from the information kiosk. My advice is, check the operating times of the trains before you embark on the advice of some very helpful people and stick to the pre-made plans (cos the initial plan he made does consider the time of operation for the lines we were supposed to take).

NOTE: certain train lines operate until midnight only on weekends.

Anyway, we managed to find our hotel by 2am I think with the help of a part-time policeman. :S This hotel is definitely hard to find if you have to walk around cos all the buildings there look alike to me. @@ and with the rain, it is definitely not a very pleasant experience. :P

Just started walking, hence the grins :P

The hotel

Supper! (from 7-11)


  1. Even the supper from 7-11 looks tempting!

  2. haha, the rice set is nice but the meaty-dimsum-like stuff not so :)



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