Wednesday, 7 November 2012

No bake strawberry cheesecake

My other attempt at cheesecake! This one is another very simple recipe which I actually edited from my no bake oreo cheesecake here

1 pack of Oreos (about 10-12 pieces) or if you wanna cut down the cost Cream-O will do but do note that the cream are not as "removable" as Oreos'
5 tbsp butter
1 piece Philadelphia cream cheese (250g) + another 200g of Emborg's (again, I decided to increase the cheese filling from past attempt's experience but could not resist the cheaper price of Emborg hence the mixing) - Let's just say that there's a reason why Philadelphia's is more expensive :P
200ml whipping cream
4 heaping tbsp of strawberry preserves/jam + 2 tsp (for decorating)
A drop or two of red colouring (optional)


1) Using about 10-12 pieces Oreos, blend them up in the food processor into fine crumbs or if you are more hardworking than yours truly, you can put them in a clean plastic bag and roll your rolling pin over them until you get crumbs. In this case, I did not throw the filling but include them after I finish crumbing the biscuits. If you mix well enough, they will be incorporated nicely and you don't have to add in sugar :P
2) Take up the soften butter and mix them up with the crumbs. Make sure you cover all the crumbs properly or they won't stick later.
3) Chill for at least 2 hours or overnight for best result before putting in the cheese filling.

Cheese filling:

1) Whip the whipping cream until medium peaks to nearly stiff peaks form in a bowl.
2) Mix the cream cheese with 2.5-3 tbsp of the strawberry preserves and beat until creamy in a separate bowl. Fold in the whipped cream and leftover jam until incorporated nicely.
3) Pour in the middle part of the base that you pre-made and then softly use a plastic spatula to push the cream cheese filling to cover the whole cake. Do be careful not to scrap off the base as it will make your cheese cake all mixed up between the base and cheese.
4) Chill for an hour before starting on the decoration part. Or you can straight away chill for a minimum of four hours before eating it without the decoration.

As you can see, mine is just plain red layer on top. Honestly, I was trying to do the marbling effect but me being me, I was too lazy to actually get the small butter knife and instead tried to take the short cut way by using the folding knife which is huge in comparison and ended up making a mess out of the cake. I tried remedying it by smoothing them out into just even red layer. :(

However, if you are patient, just mix some of the red colouring with the 2 tsp of preserves in a small bowl and drop them around the cake. Carefully using the butter knife or toothpick just swirl them around making sure not to scrap the base. :D



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