Monday, 8 October 2012

Tokyo Itinery - Day 2

We woke up early, like 6.30am despite a very late night before this. First up, TSUKIJI FISH MARKET! It is one of the world's busiest fish market and had the freshest sushi. We were supposed to go in and look around but unfortunately they only allow shoes and not sandals. Anyway, scratched off the sushi place I was looking forward to try and settled for another at one of the small streets around that area. Fortunately, the sushis were delicious! Definitely better than what we would get in Malaysia. Their fish were still swimming around and the sushi chef just pulled them out and slaughter them. :S and it's so fast and clean its incredible. The only thing I would not recommend is the fish innards sushi. It is nastyyyyy :S

Tsukiji Fish Market

The lil car they use to transfer all d big fish

Some of the stalls along the market area

Pretty egg rolls with flowers and designs

The sushi chef in action!

If I am not mistaken, the fish innard one is the one which looks like white cuttlefish strands..

We did go to the temple nearby. Mainly I insisted on going since we were just passing by and there was some people online who mentioned it. Me being kiasu decided to take some pictures before we leave. Apparently it's famous for the golden lion or something I think if I'm not mistaken...couldn't really remember exactly what I read before this trip but as I saw most people taking pictures of the lion and the entrance, I did the same thing. LOL

Next we went to the imperial palace grounds and garden. Honestly, I didn't think much of it mainly because we were able to just look from the outside.. A group of tourists, with their tourist guide haughtily telling us to bugger off in case we decided to sneak in with their group, managed to secure clearance to go in. Oh well! The garden is pretty pleasing I guess (not much of a fan cos they are pretty much the same) and there's a gigantic moat surrounding the palace. I do find the goose and ducks appealing though :P

Then it's time for a trip down to Ginza. Although Ginza is well known for its heart-stopping prices, eating there can be affordable if you know where to look. Do not dismiss some small shops hidden in nooks and crannies of the big buildings around. There are reasons why these small rundown shops survive. In fact, it could be an experience you wouldn't get anywhere else! For lunch, we had our meal in this rather small working-class eatery. It's a standing eatery so you do not get a real table, much less a chair and instead, you eat your food standing up, duh! and on a bar-like ledge to support your bowls. The food here is delicious! We had the cold soba and rice with deep fried battered pork and tempura prawn rice.

Maybe it's just me but to me, Ginza is pretty so-so. LOL. After all the talks and praises, somehow I expected much much more. But aside from that, the food are definitely very pretty :D There are some very fancy chocolatiers there but I could not bear to fork out more than MYR100 for 6 pieces of chocolates no matter how good they look. :P

We then went to Korakuen Garden  after traipsing from one shop to another in Ginza. This is said to be the garden in the city for Tokyo. It's 300 yen per entry and we took only about an hour to finish the walk. By then, my legs are killing me. LOL. And I had on those comfy sandals that I can spend hours walking in malls in. Oh they have gigantic japanese carps which are so tame that they basically follow you around as you walk along the edge of the pond in Korakuen. I had a green tea ice cream here too cos I just want to have an excuse to rest my feet. :P And due to my exhaustion I even forgot the picture (I rarely forgot as you can see, I took pictures every time before I take a bite out of them, or sometimes after I have just taken one bite outta them if I forgot).

For the evening, we went to Akihabara, the home to any electrical appliances and gadgets known to man. They have everything a geek will ever want. From household appliances to cameras, ipads, pcs, video games, animes and mangas, and even some...ehem adult version of anything/toys. Arcades are all multi-storey and are divided to multiple games by floors. OMG! @@

Dinner is a pretty normal affair with us ducking into one of the cafe in Akihabara. There's no shortage of selection there just the price differs and sometimes become the criteria of just which one to go to. Anyway, I wanted to go to a cosplay cafe but apparently 'somebody' thinks the girls all not kawaii enough and it is a waste of money to go if they are not. Blerk! So this is what we ended up eating: Green Tea (like what's new)..
Super spicy meat sauce over pork chops and rice
Tempura prawns and pork or potato and miso (nicer than the spicy meat sauce one)
I ended my night with one of the many apple tea from the kiosk. :P

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