Monday, 1 October 2012

Gardening and growing my own plants!

I have been starting up my own tiny little vegetable patch. So far, I have a small mint bush, a small limau purut plant and a medium-sized small chilli plant! The garden already has curry leaves and pandan leaves growing in plentiful as well as some mini brinjal plants so what I'm short of now is just a lemongrass bush (mine died and was overrunned by its distant cousin, the lalang a while back) and maybe some other useful plants for my cooking? I would definitely like a lime tree or maybe the small limau kasturi will be fine too! And one or two extra chilli plant should be nice. I'm waiting for my bunga telang plant this Wednesday and I'm so excited already! Maybe a coriander and chives soon too! With a banana patch growing in front of my house, I'm pretty much covered for most of the stuffs I might need for my cooking and kuih-making. Hahaha.

If I get any good at these I will definitely consider getting a tomato plant! I was so tempted the other day but with the weather and me always not being in the house, I was afraid they might die on me...*sigh*

Freshly plucked mini brinjals
My mint plant, limau purut and chilli! see there's one red chilli already? :D

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